Super or bird talk anyone?

Posted 27 days, 8 hours ago by GeckoSauce

As the title says I'm super bored and need people to talk to!

I'd preferably like to talk about pets or birds as it's something that I enjoy. However, I'm happy to talk about characters etc too! 

So, either comment here or feel free to pm me, I don't bite •~•

To maybe get people in the mood for talking, have this absolute bum fluff...



He pulled a little feather out, licked the end of it and stuck it on top of his head and started wolf whistling...

I tried to remove the feather but he went in a pissy mood over it and had a go at me because he wanted his feather left there.

Why is my bird deranged...?


Ahhh love your birdie <3 I have a quaker parrot and she's volatile as heck. One moment she's all lovey and the next... HELL.


man ur bird is such a cutie i send a kiss his way :*

i don't have any birds currently (i plan to get budgies again) but i used to have a rainbow lorikeet and he was a darling ;w; he was a rescue as my granddad found him as a featherless baby in the middle of his chicken coop (fell out of a tree perhaps? dropped by a crow? we don't know how he got there) and he grew up to be so cheeky lmao

he loved stealing our food but was super picky w/ his own food so we always had to make him a special mix of stuff and his fave game was to drag a small cat ball (u know the plastic ones w/ the bells in them?) all the way to the top of his cage and drop them into the little baby food dishes he'd carefully place along the bottom - he'd also insist on sleeping w/ one of those food dishes over his head like a dumbass

i'd love to get a rainbow lorikeet again but i don't think i'd be able to care for one (mostly bc i had a lot of trouble keeping on top of lucky's needs on my own) ;w; i'd be happy just w/ budgies again tho i love them - i used to have them trained to be on my shoulder outside and stuff, they were sweeties



Ahh Thankyou! Quaker Parrots look so cute too though, the blue ones look really pretty. Their looks can be deceiving. I know the issue of a volatile bird quite's like they have split personalities. 

One minute Maka is all nice and loving, giving us kisses and playing with us, then the next he starts lunging and trying to savage us. I call him Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde depending on his mood >~<


Aw thankyou, I will indeed send him one! If I tell him I love him he says it back and blows a kiss...oh then tries to attack me :'(

Budgies are a really nice little bird! They can learn quite a lot and their care isn't as complex or as time consuming as some other parrots/parakeets. To be honest, if I didn't have Ringnecks in my aviary I would have put budgies in there because some of their colours are beautiful. Also, I'm not sure if you've seen/heard of them before but if you like budgies you've got to search helicopter budgies! 

The little lorikeet you saved sounded like a lovely little bird :o He wouldn't have made it otherwise.

Ah yes...those little cat balls too! I bought Maka 4 for them because he likes to throw things. Yea he just cracked them open T_T such a pain...

It's cute that your bird used to sleep with a dish on his head that sounds adorable ~


ahaha that reminds me of my cat, he goes to kiss but then attacks >:0 very deceptive 

yes they rly are quite sweet ;w; - ringnecks are such pretty birds as well, my aunty used to have one and he was NOISY the guy never stopped yelling despite always being in a good mood haha - how many do u have?
I JUST GOOGLED HELICOPTER BUDGIES AND I'M IN LOVE?? shame we can't buy anything like that where i am, we only have english budgies and australian bred ones - nothing too fancy but still pretty to look at ;w;

man birds can be so destructive :'D i can't even count how many times i had to get lucky (the lorikeet) new toys bc he'd just destroy them



Oh I can imagine! Bet your cat puts on the cute front, lures you in then attacks...animals are odd at times >.<

Indeed, Ringnecks are pretty birds and also extremely noisy. Luckily mine are aviary kept which has a jungle theme so they fit in well with the decor! However, my African Grey mimicked the ringnecks squarky call so there's no escape really...oh and I own 4 ringnecks! 

If I answered this earlier it would have been 2 but I went out earlier and somehow managed to buy 2 more...oops.

My first two I got were Sky (blue) and Olive (yellow/lime green) that's below:



And these two darker greens were the ones I bought this morning (Sky hates them at the minute but they'll work it out):



As for the budgies, I also find helicopter budgies super cute and pretty awesome! Don't worry though, they are kinda rare where I live too and when there is one it's quite expensive :'(

However, at work we had a grey, black and white mix budgie in and he looked really unique! (For a budgie anyways).

Yea birds tend to know if they destroy something, they get something else to replace it anyways. I suppose they enjoy it so that's the main thing though. Also, lucky is a perfect fitting name for the little birdie :o 

I struggle with name decisions most of the time.


oh goodness their colours are all so vibrant - they're gorgeous and seem like they're v sweet 😍 also ur photos are rly good, just to mention ;w; (i hope sky gets used to them ^u^)
i'm yet to see a blue ringneck irl, i've only ever seen the green ones :0

i can imagine the helicopter budgies are expensive ;w; kinda like how rarely our pet shop will get in a rly fancy betta such as a plakat elephant ear and it's like $30 more than the usual veiltails - also never heard of an emo budgie before haha, bet he looked neat!

i feel u w/ the naming thing, coming up w/ names can be p difficult ;w;


well I don't have any pet birds but I do have a sassy pet rabbit. her name is Reese, like the peanut butter cups hehe. bunnies make great pets, but I need to clean her hutch out a lot. she's worth it though and she gives me bunny kisses. :3c


Ah I love birds! I have so many bird encyclopedias and bird watching books though I haven't quite gotten through all of them yet - and some binoculars to actually go watching with at a nearby reserve. And I almost had two zebra finches as pets, but my grandma had been staying with us every weekend at the time and she needed the house at almost 50 degrees to be comfortable whereas it was normally closer to 80, and such a temperature shift was dangerous to those little guys according to my brief research. 

Do you prefer domesticated/pet birds over the ones you find outside?



Ahh Thankyou! I spend far to much time photographing my pets but it's worth it in the end! The ringnecks are sweet too, I'd say Sky is the most interactive out of them all but Olive is the most laid back. As for the two new ones (still unnamed) they are still super flighty when I go near them but they'll calm down soon. I find Sky's colour really pretty compared to the greens. The green ones are really pretty and vibrant but the blue appeals to me more! ^.^

Oh Betta (or fighters as we call them over here) are really pretty fish :o 

When I was younger my family kept tropical tanks all over the house and we did have a few fighters but when my parents split up the tanks and the fish went the journey unfortunately :( 

However, at work we do always have fighters in for sale! Not to long ago we had an Opal fighter in an it was so pretty to look at...I wish I had tanks again...

You have quite a few Bettas don't you? I'm sure I've seen you in another forum talking about them.

I liked the name you suggested for my little quails though! I just had to use it somehow ^~^


Aw I love bunnies too! I love your bunnies name too, it's a unique name for a rabbit :o

What colour is your rabbit? 

I rescued quite a few rabbits and just recently found 12 of them good new homes! I've kept two though. A mother and baby (Ruby and Cotton) which are so friendly. Cotton acts more like a dog than a rabbit though...she's an odd bunbun >~< 

She literally lets you do anything, she's such a relaxed rabbit...





Oh wow I do the same! I have quite a few books, mainly just covering all animals rather than just birds but I have one or two which cover wildlife near me. Even if I don't read through them all straight away I at least have a quick browse over each page! 

I haven't invested in any binoculars though, although my camera does just as good of a job at times I guess! My grandad does have some pretty awesome ones for watching birds but they weigh a ton :'(

What kinds of birds do you usually watch or are you interested in any? 

You are right about the Finches though. Birds can get a shock to the system if a sudden temperature change happens. If you gradually reduced the temperature they would have adapted to it. The temperature itself would have been okay it would have been the quick change itself that could have caused issues.

It's currently around -3 where I live and my birds are housed outside in an open aviary but they have been in since summer so their change was gradual. They also have trees and wooden boxes with hay to hide in! 

Also, Zebra Finches have a really nice call as well as pretty feathers. They are a nice little bird that doesnt require a huge amount of space either! ^.^

As for which birds I prefer, I generally have a mix of both. Preferably, I think birds should ideally all be in the wild, able to fly around freely rather than be stuck in a cage. 

However, that stage has long gone and birds will always be kept as pets. Of course, I love owning animals! It's super rewarding and enjoyable but I think most people would agree that 'ideally' a bird shouldn't be caged. It's a difficult one to explain to people since I own loads of birds myself but maybe you'll understand what I mean by that? >.<

I like to give all of my birds as free of a range as they can safely have. My aviary is design to give each bird plenty of its own space and to allow them to sustain a decent amount of flight.

However, birds such as my African Grey can't be put in an aviary or housed with other birds. He was hand reared by his previous owner indoors and changing that now would have dramatic effects on his psychological health. Birds can be pretty stuck in their ways. Of course he gets loads of interaction and doesn't know any different but I still kinda feel bad for him. 

Anyways, I do find birds from other countries more 'vibrant' to look at colour wise but I still find my country's wildlife really interesting. I get woodpeckers next to my house all the time and I find them really fascinating to watch! 

I also have a little Blue Tit that sits on my window ledge! 



I watch anything local! I love stellar jays/stellar's jays a lot since there are plenty of them up by my grandma's cabin. I have a definitely love for all jays and wrens!

Yeah the temperature change would've been too drastic for them though my house is more stable now that I suppose I could get some, but there's not enough room in my room and it wouldn't be ok to leave them in the living room... but eventually I'll move out and then we gonna rock some birdies!

I totally know what you're saying! I'm glad you're giving them so much room and freedom <3 I would love to live in a world where all kinds of birds could exist more freely. & Woodpeckers are so interesting! There are some at the dog park in the next town over, very pretty black-white-red coloring. They're funnily enough called hairy woodpeckers and remind me of pikipek

I really want to make a checklist of birds to find in my town and mark them off once I spot them. I also have a bird drawing book that I should go through sometime to draw more realistic birdies; I think that would be a lot of fun, though I don't know if I could ever do such detailed illustrations as the people who draw them for encyclopedias. They have such an eye for detail!

Do you listen to bird calls often? I've always wanted to be able to identify them. Do you have a favorite bird song?


oohhh, such cute bunnies! Reese is a chocolate rex hence the name! her underbelly is a lighter more peanut butter-y color.I have a picture of her here! I took it after she had her nails trimmed at the vet so she looks slightly angry at me.


I'm just a boring person with a pet dog and cat ;v; I really want a bird but I hear their health is a bit frail, at least in that you can't let them breathe in smoke/gas/what-have-you and I'm kind of paranoid about that OTL. Not to mention I have no time for a bird atm >_< but I want a canary <3

I did live in the suburbs growing up though, so I at least grew up with a lot of wild birds! The main reason I got into the idea of having a pet bird is because I used to go birdwatching a lot xD I always felt super lucky because we had a robin nest on our backyard porch and then a year later, a pair of cardinals nested in the tree right next to our house. I took a lot of pics because I was so excited. :'D