i dont know how to spell it lmao

but yeah read the title :D

also this isnt meant to be rude, I just wanna know <3


They're actually called a Dainty (Pluralized: Dainties)

Dainties are a really popular closed species. I would expand on this post, but here's this if you want to know more.


Historia I know what they are, but I dont know why people like them so much (that sounds mean dklsflkjd


The reason dainties are popular are because of the fact that most people find their concept to be really appealing to them, and that many people own one as well. I wished to expand more on this, but that's all I know. :')


people like dainties for the same reason youd like any other closed species, or species in general. it could be the lore, the designs, the active community, because artists you like are involved in them, or the feeling of being in something exclusive, etc. you could ask a bunch of different people and they could all tell you something different so theres no set answer to this question


^^^ Just like Birthday said, there's a variety or reasons usually having to do with the fact that closed species have exclusive lore, design traits, and an exclusive community. Some people also just like to brag that they have something everyone seems to want (which again goes into the exclusive community bit)

Personally i'm not too crazy about the lore or the community but I find the designs really fun to draw? I like drawing hooved characters but I don't like drawing taurs and normal satyrs are just a bit.... h. Dainties have that hoofed aspect I like while also allowing a lot of room for experimentation and originality with their stockings. Due to the fact that this is an original concept if I were to make a satyr with stockinged legs but not call them a dainty that would be an infringement of pajuxi's intellectual property and would basically get a lot of people salty at me. So tl;dr the reason why I like them atleast is because the design elements are very cool and I can't make one with out permission!
I feel like there are a few people on the same boat as me which is why I felt the need to explain!

Basically, though, dainties don't appeal to everyone. They are extremely popular and due to the fact that the species has over 3000 approved designs and more being added daily + they're super well known in general. I've met PLENTY of people who want nothing to do with them for various reasons so the appeal really is individual and based on a variety of reasons. To copy birthday, again, it appeals to people in different ways just like everything else. Irl some people like cats over dogs or sweet over sour or pink over yellow. Some people like dainties, they just do.


people just like what they like is the easiest thing to say. its best not to think too hard on it


Wait, the link is really not easy to navigate for me. Are dainties really just deer hooved humans with stockings and ears? Is that all that goes into them or is there another element to them? 

I've never been interested so I didn't know they were so simple, not to try being rude, I really would just rather know


TheStrayCat They're essentially a satyr-like species with fantasy elements! The stockings, rather that being fashion items, naturally grow on the Dainties' bodies in those patterns, which is the unique element of the species.


TheStrayCat this link may help out better: https://www.deviantart.com/pajuxi-adopts/art/DAINTIES-SPECIES-REFERENCE-2017-686742069

But I personally like dainties cause the designs look nice and the community is super active!! It'd be nice to be involved in something like that but... they don't really hold enough DTAs and (free) Raffles that I can get involved :') (not that i've tried drawing them either so there's that.)

I also have a real soft spot for anything like deer and just hooved characters! Plus they seem a little suggestive and it's like "i could have multiple outfits for certain purposes n stuff" so i really like 'em.

AGAIN - it is just personal preference. So... yeah.


Waltz rosieoci ahhhhh I see, thanks for the information !