What are your pet peeves?

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The title says all that you need to know.

Here are my pet peeves: Fortnite, people saying my art is bad (can they at LEAST say something nice about it?), TikTok, and other stuff

Feel free to comment yours

Also, this was linked in the character pet peeves thread. I didn't even know that.

2/17/19: HOLY CRAP People are still posting here.

(Also I might interact if any of the peeves apply to me as well or are similar to any I have hecc)


When people advertise their stuff through notes or comments on your art on deviantart. Don't.


When people assume all sadists are evil.
When people assume all furries are in it for the fetish.
When I open for freebies and I don't respond to them quick enough so they get pissy.
When people see my UnderTale characters and just go 'LOLOLOLOL SNAS UNDERTALE' like God damn it people my characters are more than that I put my heart and soul into them they aren't a fucking joke.
When people insist on calling my AU characters Sans even after telling them over and over they have a different name and don't go by that name. For some reason they think its funny.  Again, they aren't joke characters I am completely serious with them damn it.


Wait, the old thread was deleted ?



I'm pretty sure it was, since I think the creator of the old one might've deleted it and left this site. But idk otherwise.

Anyway, back on topic...

My guinea pig refuses to stop eating the newspaper for some reason, and I had to change it everytime I clean his cage. :')


That TH won't accept the file sizes I make my ref sheets on at meaning I've got to scale the drawing down so much I'm loosing all the detail I needed there in the first place. :^) 

Turns out TH was glitching out on me and kept giving me "file size too big" errors even after the file had been changed so it was within the correct range. Guess that glitch is a peeve in it's self!


people saying oof


Double standards.


Finding chewed gum. Anywhere outside of a trash can.

Seriously, people!?


^ I can relate. I've seen chewed gum under tables in the past, and it's really disgusting. Whyyyyyy....

Also, getting hair shampoo/conditioner into my eyes. It just happened to me once again while taking a shower, and my eyes hurt from these.

(Also gotta agree with Alleycatirony about the site crashing, except in my case, it crashes between 10:00-10:45 PM. Dangit Cloudflare...)


Being told to do something when you were about to go do it


when someone assume my feelings from my way of typing like they 100% know about me


the fact that TH crashes between 2:10pm to 2:45pm every single afternoon especially frustrating when ur in the middle of editing a claim and oops, servers are down


When you post your art and maybe ask for feedback and some just simply say "at least you can draw lol I can't". Okay! Thanks! Nice to know that efforts and practice doesn't matter and I could just simply place myself above other people because of the fact that "I can draw" alone as if I'm naturally born with it! Right!!! :)