General pet peeves thread

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6/11/19: big description edit

This is the thread for general pet peeves. I don't mean character ones or fandom pet peeves, I mean randon, not specific to anything pet peeves.


1. Please don't name anybody.

2. If anybody starts to argue, take it to profile comments or PMs.

3. Black out any sensitive content.


My bird is the loudest thing to ever grace this earth in the morning. Her cage is about 7 feet/2.134 meters away from my bed and as soon as she notices it’s light she’ll start squawking every noise she knows. It is pretty cute, but she doesn’t have a snooze button until I eventually take the cover off of her cage and let her on my shoulder

Kinda stinks when it’s a summer morning out of school and I hoped to sleep in whoops


When people stand in front of stairways and entrances/exits to shops/malls talking and give me shitty looks when I ask them to move (though I’m often flat out ignored even when I’ve shouted excuse me please 3 times and tapped them on the shoulder to get their attention) so I end up having to barge past so I can leave/enter the shop/mall. Bonus points if they turn round and get shitty with me for having to shove through which is what often happens in this situation. It’s happening often enough it’s becoming really annoying. It’s always a large group of friends/family blocking the exit and none of them want to move somewhere more appropriate to chat (not even a few paces out of the way of the door) nor can they see why this is so annoying. 

It’s even more annoying (and scary) when it happens as a crowd surges and I have no where else to go but where people are blocking an entrance/exit are which makes my anxiety spike big time since I was seconds away from being involved in a crowd crush a few years ago. It was a close enough thing I’ve been claustrophobic in crowds ever since.

People trying to manipulate/guilt me into drinking/going out. Most people are very respectful of this but lately I’ve had a few people be particuarly rude, hurtful, overly pushy and outright annoying. If I do go out I don’t always want to drink (I actually hate getting drunk I’m there to socialise not get shit-faced so I’ll often have 1 or 2 then drink soda for the rest of the evening or just not drink at all if I’m really not feeling it) nor do I always want to stay out late. If I say I’m only having 1 please respect that I have my reasons (which is usually because I’m tired, I’m on an early the next day or I’m up for socialising but I know it’s gonna end up draining me) and I’ll be upfront with this before we go out. Sometimes when I want an early night some folks will go out of their way to keep me awake thinking it’ll make me go out but all it does is make me not want to go out and I’m gonna end up needing an early night the next night to catch up on lost sleep and it’s going to carry on until you let me sleep by then I’ll need a few early nights to catch up. 

When I’m expected to play my music/movies/TV with headphones in but everyone else in the group is allowed to put their music/show/movie on speaker regardless of if I like what they’re watching/listening to, if I’m trying to watch something/study German (I’m currently doing a few audio courses) or just chill out in peace and quiet or not. 

Likewise when I want to watch a show and I’m called rude for wanting an hour out to watch it and people keep talking over it but I’m expected to be quiet when they want to watch a show/movie I have no interest in.

Edit (last peeve for now I swear): Whoever keeps phoning the cabin after 11pm my cabin mate has even said not to do it and some folks can’t respect that. I’ve had to start disconnecting the phone which I’m not supposed to do for safety but if I don’t we’re not going to sleep.


Spoilers in general but character death spoilers are the worst kind of spoilers I s2g. 

Especially when people purposefully spoiler tv show character deaths knowing full well you’re a few seasons behind with the show.