What are your pet peeves?

Posted 3 months, 21 hours ago (Edited 23 days, 21 hours ago) by toontastiic

The title says all that you need to know.

Here are my pet peeves: Fortnite, people saying my art is bad (can they at LEAST say something nice about it?), TikTok, and other stuff

Feel free to comment yours

Also, this was linked in the character pet peeves thread. I didn't even know that.

2/17/19: HOLY CRAP People are still posting here.

(Also I might interact if any of the peeves apply to me as well or are similar to any I have hecc)


Tfw a person makes good art, but they do horrible things online.

rip potential you will be missed

(This isn't directed at anyone)


kokohearts I can second this. I was a little taken aback when I saw my art up on their DA with no credit as they were adding it in for a contest. -_-


When people continue to film their pets when they’re clearly struggling/uncomfortable. Do views and comments from strangers really matter at the cost of your pet’s safety and well-being?

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