What are your pet peeves?

Posted 26 days, 2 hours ago by PortalArts

The title says all that you need to know.

Hecc mine are people always talking about Fortnite, and seeing ads for TikTok

Feel free to comment yours


I guess, one of my pet peeve is when you put in a lot of effort in an art trade piece, whole body, shading and all that and the people i usually trade with slaps me in the face with a headshot that doesn't seem like their best compared to their usual art pieces they create. One person i traded with also put it off for 2 weeks and gave me something that doesn't seem finished at all. They were usually people I really admired their work so i wanted to impress and blow them away, and its really disheartening. 


Tractors on the road trying to clear snow during wintertime. I know they're trying to clear out the snow from the road, so that drivers don't have a problem, but they won't stop blocking the way ughhhh.


+1 for “oof” even though saying it has become a habit I hate


this is 100% just super petty on my part but i really cant stand it when people make all their ocs look the same bc they need them to be attractive or whatever and then complain when people cant tell them apart. thats your own fault bro


Loud people in public transport. Like SUPER loud people. 


Honestly people that call you their 'friend' or try to butter you up to make you do stuff for them that they want?? Like I used to be a really big and oblivious pushover that didn't know any better, and I know if people did this to me in the past, I'd give in, so this really frustrates me.


"I'm open for art requests! This is not FCFS, as I can only choose which character appeals to me."

*Proceeds to not draw the characters at all, regardless of appeal*

Uhhh what? In all seriousness, this is why I don't ask for art requests very often anymore.


when ppl use online translators to put blatantly incorrect korean sentences on their profile for the Aesthetic™

pls... google translate doesn't understand korean grammar at least get it proofread by a native speaker or something 


Repeating from the last pet peeve thread but...

When comments like these happen on an important PSA or warning thread like

"My art will never get reposted because I don't draw lol" "I have no money so I'll never face this" "I'm glad that nobody will steal my OCs because I don't have any"

Nice! Thank you for showing how much of a special snowflake you are! Why don't you hang out with many others like you and stay shut up about it instead of commenting on a place targeted for those who ARE affected by it? Literally nobody cares.


My pet peeve is when i drew something im really proud of but later (for example 1 hour) i notice a detail i missed and i just want to snap my stylus in half haha! 

Also this one is a bit less art related but i own some anime figurines and some plushies pure for room decoration, and what i dont like when some younger relative visits or just in general i have to babysit some kid they ask to play with my figurines or plushies, and then the EP (Entitled  Parent) asking why i wont give my "kid toys" to theyr kid and honestly i dont hesitate to explain and excuse myself because im not scared to punch someone with words. 

I dont like it when people mention old shit i did, even if it was only months ago, like, i apologized for the bs i caused, were over it but some idiot decides to be still salty at me, like what kind of hecking good does it do, just get over it lol. A bit related to this is when people call me by old usernames that i clearly moved on from because while i owned them i did stupid stuff on the internet and people call me by them to tease me, i understand, i was a kid and now im in my early teens but doesnt give you an excuse to be a dick :)