Any musical artists out there? :o

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago by Mephix

So i've been wondering if there are anyone who makes music here! I personally make music myself even though I know absolutely nothing about how music works, but i do it for fun and i dont think it sounds half bad lol. I was thinking of making a thread in games w something like "Create a theme or battle theme for the character above!" But IDK how common music-making is here!


Oh sweet cool thread idea

I… dabble? By which I mean I jam together repetitive midi sequences in a DAW sometimes :’) I guess it counts though! I like to think I've got like basic music theory knowledge down but I can't even read notation fluently lmao Mostly I make uhhh edgy electronic stuff because I'm not proficient enough at any instruments yet to really work with em, and love me some saw synths. Tbh I mostly practice analysing other people's music rather than making my own, but maybe is is an excuse not to make much zhzhzh i don't usually get more than a couple of seconds into an original composition before I hit a dead end, rip

Aahh but I'd love to hear some of your stuff though! 👀 And I would be interested in such a game but idk if there's enough music ppl around here… but hopefully :v


Hcjbfhchd hey I’m Garnet I cant play instruments and don’t know how music do the good but I made some themes for a few characters I was trying out for before using the level editor on Tadpole Treble a few years back! Didn’t win the contest, but the judge gave me an honorable mention for the bigger contest and said they liked the song I made :0 Haven’t played around with anything like that in a long time, but I’ve been thinking of picking up like. Mario Paint Conposer or heading back to TT and messing around, maybe see if I can put anything decent together!


Aarix aa! nice!! sure thing! a lot of people like this one!! but this is my personal fav so far hghghf


Pachuuu oooo nicee
Change of Heart is cool I can totally see it as like some rly tense boss battle music in like an RPG :0 What'd u make it in?

pffff also I caved & uploaded some of my stuff just now if anyone is interested
this one has the most effort put into it; idek if I can say I love it but c'est la vie


Aarix aaa tysm!!! ;o; I use Rytmik Studio!! ALSO NICE BOPS!! I heckinglove "vampires in the sludge factory" omg!!!!


I've played violin for about 12 years competitively and I have up to basic harmony knowledge in music theory, but I can't say I compose much   I mean, I HAVE composed (classical) music before because they were my end of the year projects, but after staring at the chords for like a few hours I typically give up and then yolo the rest LOL. An example would be (although this is the version without the articulation, I seemed to have lost the other version after my laptop died rip.) This was my grade 12 end of the year composition! (for those who don't want to listen to 2 minutes of classical music, I think the 10 seconds I'm most proud of starts around ~1:36)


I play the keyboard and occasionally mess around in Advanced Mario Sequencer (think slightly more advanced Mario Paint Composer). I haven't composed in ages though (I last composed something for my Music GCSE in 2011/2012).


Currently using Garageband as a beginner


in a creative music block because i've lost access to garageband and logic (got to use it in a one semester class + no other daw i've tried clicks with me) but hi i've been trying to be a mashcore/breakcore/hardcore artist for years and this is the closest i'll get: / 

no proof of this because i never bothered to record them but long before i took music tech I made very basic themes for my characters and storylines with musescore 


Yess I make lots of music. Well, I really only do it to unwind (not like my art or writing) but I make quite a lot nevertheless! Been doing it for a long time.

Edit: I make music for OCs too! Summer by the Sea is Pala's theme, Memorialisation is about Ruthenia, Idyllic is a mood piece about Hollia, Coastal Dreaming is for a scene of Cielo and Marin in a boat, Guiding Light is about Felix and Adelaide exploring the city...and here's a really old medley for all the main characters of RD.


We haven't gotten started with the actual music yet, but I'm part of a metal band! We're gonna aim for a sound probably along the lines of power, doom, gothic/symphonic, and maybe metalcore metal?? We'll have a better idea once we actually get the music down, so far we're in the concept stage.