i don’t know what to do anymore :(

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i hate my art. it’s terrible. i don’t get happy when i draw anymore because all i can think of is how it’s going to turn out wrong in some way. how something is going to look weird. i’m 15 and the middle schoolers are better at drawing than i am. i can’t create anything that makes me feel satisfied. everyone else my age that draws, even the beginners, are better than me. i’m not sure what to do anymore. i just want to quit art completely because i literally can’t improve. :(

edit: shoot. i forgot the creator’s corner forum existed. sorry for putting this in general


hey there! i know i'm a stranger to you but i wanted to give you advice.

art isn't easy: it never is, and even as you "improve," things will always be difficult to perfect and fit your idea of "good." i'm gonna address everything you said in your post, alright? firstly, i don't think you should draw if it makes you unhappy. art is a form of expression — the process matters just as much as the end result. if you focus so much on how it will look in the end, there's no point! you have to have some enjoyment in art. i guarantee if you have fun while you draw something, at least you have that joy out of it, so please don't draw if it damages you that way. however, i do not think you should quit art completely because of this. i understand. i was once — and still am — in a position similar to yours. i never thought i was improving, even though i drew/draw daily. this is what i thought many days for many years — i have been drawing for six, ever since i was ten. i'm only a year older than you, sixteen, and i know you said that people your age or around your age are "better than you," but it's no use to compare yourself to them! everyone's at different skill levels — based on when they begin, how much they practice, and heck, yeah, some people are just naturally "gifted" at it.

you can't "literally not improve." that's just not how that works; just draw. draw what makes you happy, draw if it makes you happy. don't force yourself to draw if it doesn't, otherwise you won't be satisfied. take parts of others' art that inspires you, not get jealous of it — instead of telling yourself "they draw much better than me," tell yourself "i'll work to achieve a level of skill like theirs." don't put yourself down. again, art isn't easy — but if it's something you're passionate about, something that brings joy to your life, keep pursuing it. be proud of the things you draw when you're proud of it. that's one of the many joys art can give you.

i'm sorry for the lecture btw uhuh... i think your art is so adorable!!! <333 i love the anime style since im an anime geek myself haha, keep up the great work my friend!!!!!


^^^ Agree so much to Cati's response

Here's a story my professor told me about one of his students helped me when I was in the dumps about my work. Hopefully it helps.

My professor is a bit strict when it comes to art so sometimes he could be considered harsh. He had a student in his art class who said he has never drawn before but wanted to learn and get better (my school isn't an art school so anyone wanting to be an art major can join by talking to their advisers so no art portfolio required). This student had a bit of an idea of what to draw but it wasn't the best and would get graded with a low grade. My professor thought that he would change majors after the first semester because he didn't see his potential at the time. But that student took all the advice he could from the art critiques, talked to students who made better grades and saw what they did to help them, and practiced his drawing skills as much as he could. By the end of the year he had improved so much that it was like his art was from a different person. Professor saw this and realized that he had potential. He was making 80's and above on his works. Professor saw this and realized that he had potential. That student went from someone who's never drawn to a wonderful artist because he kept drawing no matter what. He practiced and did his best and the art professors and students could see that. Anyone can draw as long as they are willing to improve and keep doing it.

I hope that story helps a bit. Art is hard. It's hard not to compare yourself to others and it's hard to keep that motivation at drawing sometimes. But in the end drawing is the best. Even if it isn't considered good it's still something you did! Something you created and put time and effort in. That's where the joy comes from in art. Anyone can improve in drawing, it just takes time, patience, and practice. When you see someone else's work look at the techniques they use to help them so you can get yourself to that skill level as well. Don't think about how it's going to turn out wrong because yeah that is going to stop you from being happy about drawing. If it makes you unhappy then step back for a bit and think what you could improve on. Then find how you improve it and start putting that to use. You won't stop improving unless you stop drawing and a world without drawing is pretty boring. 

I've seen your art and trust me I love it a lot! Your style has potential and you're going to get better at what you do so long as you do it. Do what makes you happy and I hope you don't give up on drawing.

Btw sorry for the long paragraph lol  Please keep up the great work!!   


cati randadraws

thank you so much, you two. i’ve been having a pretty bad week and reading both of your comments really cheered me up tonight. i’m gonna keep trying, even if it gets difficult.


not to be weird but like... if you dont enjoy art, you dont have to do it? growing up all my friends were artists so like... i drew too, cuz it's just what we did. and i didn't really like it. the entire process frustrated me and when i was done i always just hated what i made. eventually i stopped drawing (and started buying art lol) & like... im glad i did. i was just forcing myself to do it cuz it's what my friends did/what i thought i should be doing in the circle i was in. i didn't enjoy it. not everyone has to be an artist ya know, if it's making you miserable & you don't like it then maybe the hobby isnt for you & that's okay. there's nothing wrong with loosing interest in past hobbies & maybe finding new ones you do enjoy


i'm happy to hear then !!! i look forward to being your subscriber and continuing to watch the art you produce ❤


Wicked i would feel sad if i stopped drawing, though. i have so many ideas and i would lose a part of myself if i stopped drawing. plus, i don’t just have money to blow on commissions all the time. i’ve been drawing for as long as i can remember but it hurts more to feel like i’m falling behind everyone 


Look at it this way: Like any other creative skill, getting better at art is about the journey, or really like any skill in general. Everyone has different aptitudes and focus, and everyone improves at their own pace. What's important, like others have said, is that you're having fun with it! Draw the things you like, keep expanding what you draw, and little by little you'll get better.

Plus, art isn't a race! Myself, I'll be 30 this year. I drew all the time when I was in high school, but it wasn't until I was about 21 that I decided I wanted to start improving more. In those 8+ years, I've definitely improved, but when I look at things like the improvement memes of people 10+ years younger than me, and see how fast they improve, it's easy to get discouraged! The thing is, even knowing that I'll never be as good as some others, I still enjoy it, and I've come to recognize that even if my art isn't the best in the world, it doesn't have to be. I have plenty of strengths in other areas and it's still just as fun to do.

Basically, every drawing you make that you aren't happy with, don't see it as a discouragement, but as a reason to keep on trying. Progress comes so slowly that you never notice it yourself, but if you keep pushing, there's no way you can't improve. Compare your pictures over a month, or a few months, of drawing a lot. You're sure to notice some difference!

Plus, if you don't think you're improving on one particular thing, try drawing something that you know is a weak point! All areas of a skill affect each other, so it'll help you if you keep rotating your focus when you're practicing. Looking at the art you've posted, you have some really cute character ideas, and a nice grasp on colour! It's great that you make full pictures with backgrounds, also! Try studying and practicing maybe some different types of characters, or different scene compositions and poses. When you get through the challenging parts, other things seem easier.

And most importantly, don't give up! I know at the age you are it can start to seem like you're falling behind already, but compared to old-timers like me you've still got plenty of time ahead! Just keep doing what you enjoy and don't worry about others. When you create something that makes you truly happy, it makes the struggle all worth it.



thank you sooo much! i appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me. :p



wow, you’ve improved so much. but the first one looks really nice, too.


hexie oh, gosh, those chris hart books. i wish we could have actual books by manga artists living in japan over here, but unfortunately the results are scarce. and maybe it IS burnout. you could be right.

lillywise whoa, that’s a ton of improvement!! i like your old style, too. it reminds me of the style i’m trying to achieve (galge novels of the 2000s.) i’m so proud of you for moving forward and achieving so much more


Sorry I didnt mean to bump the thread ;.; I was trying to reply.

 I used to be the absloute worst in my class, and this was at college level. Everyone was doing fantastic realistic pieces and I wasnt even half way as good as them.

But two years later Im selling oil paintings, and doing commissions of peoples pets.

Im still not as good as them, but Ive made my own way in the art world, and so will you! If you enjoy it, then dont give up.