y'all i'm just tryna learn how to rp

Posted 6 months, 11 days ago by grimphobia

i'm so nervous to get back into rp'ing it's been over 6 years gimme some basic tips


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is that how this works ? i just vore people? easy


dolerbee NO


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I wouldn't know really how to give you 'basic tips' for roleplaying lol I've been doing it for over 15 years. I think it's just a matter of what style you prefer to roleplay in and then just go with it.


rping is really hard,, but uhhh, some advice? I guess i can try hdfhhFFDGKGD

-Try to talk to the person you're rping with some sort of conflict to make things more juicier, or ask about that! If they have a character which contrasts with your own, it could be fun to see what situations they fall into and if they'll ever come to terms to respecting eachother. I made a big mistake as I was rping as a wee baby without any sort of problematic situations and thus made the rp somewhat bland,, its okay to have moments where there is something sweet happening but, there should be some sort of development between these characters. 

-This advice is gonna be really similar to my first one but, discussing with your rp partner is a big deal! You shouldn't feel bad or anxious to example, ask them to adjust their rp style to simple sentences, asking them to tone down the gore etc. 

-Focus on whats realistic for your character, if they were people, they wouldn't handle every passing opportunity or disaster with flying colors. They could be very skilled in an area but from time to time, they won't be perfect. And even then, if they were gods, its fun to imagine that albeit being what others praise and worship, they can do something catastrophic in a second or have a weakness. In terms of rp, I find it really easy to slip and become ooc in replying to a rude/difficult oc someone else has, so you just gotta think in a mind of your oc anyway gfdgfdgf

- This is kinda related to the other question also but, try not to rp for the other person! Taking control of a oc like godmodding, and making someone die in one blow isn't really   good,, it should be fair game for both people, unless if one of the ocs has an obvious advantage, then yeah theres a more likely chance things will go their way but nevertheless, if this was a die or survive situation, you may need to ask the creator of the other oc if they can kill them. Sounds somewhat strange but, yknow 

-Something random but if you're to write with someone else, and their timezones are really vastly different eg, it might be 3 am for you when its like midday for them its going to be likely you'd catch late responses. So most cases, you'll want to rp with them as much as possible where you both are online, keeping things somewhat short is ideal ! Of course, you don't have to keep it short all the way through, sometimes its nice to see a detailed pov and how they react to something big thats happening to them

Hopefully this was okay? dffhdgffgkj These are just from my experience so, you can always pick and choose which to take with you ! sorry if this is too lengthy and weird :''^D