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Posted 2 months, 10 days ago (Edited 2 months, 10 days ago) by Jayden

Toe Bean Appreciation

First things first... contents:

  • Self-assignable roles; no longer do you have to come out of hiding to ask for that neato orange role. Just click a button.
  • Bots, Pokecord, WaifuBot, Tatsumaki. All the fan favs, as well as opt-in channels so the spam doesn't bother you!
  • Art channel; show off your latest creation~ Please bear in mind, my stick figures are...quite the delicacy.
  • Coding help, and general ToyHouse help -- if needed, we're not experts. Honestly, we're the furthest thing from it...
  • Love and appreciation for fluffy things. Like cats, dogs, bees, anything. Also some lovin for our less furry friends -- lookin at you, spicy noodles.
  • Gaming chats for anyone who likes to play video games, enjoys the lore or just wants to talk about a game they recently played.

We only have one rule, and that is that you tell your pet or any random animal to have a good day.

Moderators are myself, Shinsou and Bakusatsu

So, feel free to join us. Or don't. I can't bribe you... slides you a $20.


The cat..


I foooooooorgot to bump but 


We have even more waifus and bot games now