How do I move my folders into the art category?

Posted 6 months, 10 days ago (Edited 2 months, 3 days ago) by CakuPop

aaaH. I'm sorry - I am brand new here and have been looking for a place to, prettily, organize my examples/commissions for upcoming buyers! That being said...I am completely lost here...For some reason, I don't know how to put my images into the "art" part of my profile's navigation. Every folder I created automatically goes into the "character" category. Link to what I mean: I'm sending an SOS. Sorry and thank you!


I don't think you can make folders for art hun! All art you make must be attached to a character to be visible in your art tab. I've seen people post a separate character and name it "ART EXAMPLES" or similar instead ^^


polkadot Hooboy, how sad! ; A; I had high hopes on that. Hopefully I could make a suggestion about that in the near future. So if I create like a....character folder, per se, I'd just upload my art into that that folder? Will definitely consider what you mentioned!


Instead of a folder I think they meant creating a character profile, but instead of an actual character, you can just name it "Art Examples" and upload your art into the profile's gallery, or, if you'd like it to be more organized you can create Tabs with specific art types in the ("Art Examples") Character Profile and upload your art there ^ ^ ) 


Yeah yeah! That's what I meant! Thank you shrio-nii !

This site has more of a focus on characters rather than art, so creating a character page where you post your art examples is the way to go!