PHOBIAS - What is yours?

Posted 14 days, 20 hours ago by Novellacarnate

What is your phobia?and what makes them scary?

(please be courtious and block out sensitive info, and please dont put anything offensive!)


Melophobia, fear of music. I dont know WHAT makes it so scary, but its terrifying. Just like... the way it feels? Ugh


I have a phobia of stuff (needles and knives and such) going through my skin. I got this phobia because of an accident I had as a kid.


trypophobia. which is just....phobia with any surface with many holes. blocking out because I do not recommend googling this as its images are VERY disturbing :^) trust me

phobias with blood and knife....not sure why and when I got scared of them but sfdgfgdhd I can't deal with gore because of it

also not sure if theres a name for this but explosive and really sudden loud noises are bad for my ears. rip. 

(edit: vv that should be it, thanks!)

edit2: also heights!!! even seeing from high balcony scares me man and people say I'm a weakling because of this. PLEASE.......


Kogami Ligyrophobia, sometimes known as phonophobia, is the fear of loud noises


i am terrified of balloons popping. i’ve always been scared of them and will always be, especially because as a kid my cousins would always pop them in my face to make fun of me, which obviously made it worse


Trains, not being on one but instead being on or near tracks. The sound of train whistles gives me anxiety sometimes too, so it makes my home near tracks “convenient “ ha ha

I joke I was ran over by a train in a past life 


I know this is kind of cliche but SPIDERS! I got a bigger phobia of them from a horrible camping trip experience.  


Social phobia (social anxiety disorder) (I'm professionally diagnosed and am disabled by it), acrophobia (heights), myrmecophobia (fear of ants...I'm not kidding) (I tried putting an eye-rolling emoji there but it locked up and crashed my tablet, what's up, since the site update I can't seem to use the emojis here on mobile?), and I kind of have a fear of water but I'm not sure if it rises to the level of a true phobia. Plus the word for "fear of water," hydrophobia, is an old term for rabies. :/

I have what I call certain "contamination fears" (I think others would say I'm a "germophobe") but those are related to OCD (again, diagnosed) and they're kind of generalized so I don't consider those specific phobias.

EDIT, oh, right...I's not a specific phobia, I don't think, but I experience what's known as vasovagal syncope, which is fainting due to certain triggers. Things like needles piercing skin/getting blood drawn, seeing other people's blood (IRL, usually not on TV), overheating, feeling extreme pain, or even merely thinking about something nauseating or stressful can make me pass out. So I never look when I have to get blood drawn or a needle is otherwise involved. The annoying thing is that, while the triggers are often predictable, they don't always elicit the fainting response, so while I always warn nurses and medical technicians when I tend to pass out (I often jerk and twitch when I faint, and apparently my lips turn blue, so people freak out and think I'm having a seizure and call an ambulance ;_; ), it often doesn't happen.

I had a radical cystectomy a couple of years ago. It was like seven or eight-something AM. They tried to place an epidural. They weren't having luck. Due to stress and the awkward position involved (bent double over the edge of the bed), I started getting lightheaded, and passed out. I awoke around 11PM, they told me they couldn't place the epidural, and the surgery was over. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT again, I see someone else mentioned escalators. I don't know if I'd consider it a real phobia for me but I ****ing hate things like escalators and revolving doors and turnstiles. I dread that I'll get caught in them. Will avoid those whenever possible. I'm okay with elevators, though they do something weird to me and for a few minutes after I get off them the floor keeps pitching beneath me.

Okay done editing.


I have many phobias but i feel like my biggest phobia is the fear of Needles. sewing needles n shit does not bother me, but like... shots and medical needles. Because of this im terrified of the doctor and ever having to go to the hospital for any reason bc i hate it so much.... even when im not the one getting punctured it grosses me tf out and i cant look at it.

Like. the last time I simply got a FLU SHOT i cried and screamed (even though it did not hurt?)

OH and i see a lot of people here also have a fear of balloons and them popping which makes me feel a lot less weird because I was TERRIFIED of balloons growing up and when i was at birthday parties and shit i would move the balloons away from all the other kids so they wouldn't pop them and scare me. and to this day I still hate them but balloons aren't as common in my adult life than they were when i was a child


The sound of velcro ( idk if thats what it is called ), really squeaky noises or the feeling of your nail scratching on a surface. They hurt a lot, though its not exactly a phobia. I don’t remeber what’s it called but its something with eyes with sharp objects. Its scary man, especially if you’re wearing thick glasses already


No idea if it has a name, though I'm sure it does, but my biggest fear/phobia is childbirth. Ever since I was little the very thought of it has terrified me. I have countless nightmares about it and in general just want nothing to do with the topic whatsoever. For a long period in my life I even started classifying myself as a lesbian (I'm pan, actually) simply to give myself a reason I'd never have to worry about even the possibility of it happening. Even now when I'm opening up to dating guys again that's one of the biggest things holding me back from ever wanting to be intimate. 

I'm sure it probably seems silly, and I've heard more "you'll grow out of it/want to have kids someday/etc" through my life when I try to talk about it but... Yeah.

Honestly it's not even that I don't want kids, I'd be perfectly happy to adopt, or if I do end up with a would woman and she has it that's fine too,I just... Really can't do it myself. 

I'm 31 and if I could get my tubes tied I would right this second just to shut down the fear for good. 

Uhh yeah guess that's it, sorry to be rambly guess I just felt like getting that off my chest in a space where people may not make me feel bad for it.

P.s. it doesn't help that I literally knew a woman who died from childbirth complications. So much for the "it doesn't happen in this day and age" argument some have given me.


dirty dishwater, being in veichles (specifically cars) - i can tolerate it enough obviously but the second someone speeds up or isn't driving 100% perfect i panic, being on camera