PHOBIAS - What is yours?

Posted 14 days, 20 hours ago by Novellacarnate

What is your phobia?and what makes them scary?

(please be courtious and block out sensitive info, and please dont put anything offensive!)


trypophobia definitely. idk if theres a name of the fear but i HATE jumpscares?? the element of surprise+scary image+loud noise is the worst and i hate it so much... i just hate being suddenly spooked in general.

im also scared of dead birds. just... specifically bird corpses, i had an experience with one when i was younger and it was very hhh. im scared of the dark sort of too. i used to be afraid of needles but now im okay with them... and im sort of afraid of heights? when i think about falling from a high place it spooks me, but i love rollercoasters sooo as long as im in a controlled high setting im ok