🥳 WINNERS CHOSEN -premium giveaway 🥳

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 1 month, 20 days ago) by Wonderland

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We here again, non sub version, for a BIRTHDAY edition of premium giveaway! The winners will be ended on or around the 22nd of March for my birthday (I’m so old :’>) and winner will be chosen sometime towards the end of March depending on when I get time to sit down at my computer ahahaha!

This time however, to enter you have to post a song suggestion! I don’t care what genre, I don’t care what language. Just post a suggestion. I need more songs on my playlist (I already have 3000 don’t judge me!) links are a bonus pls !! I’m lazy!

I think that’s it! :”> yay?

(And I’m not doing a poll this time, that was so many notifications last month >>;;;)

Notes: can’t have premium already and can’t have won my last 2 giveaways :>


Mag Mell by sasakure.UK!


Okie dokie! Winners are;

Magniventriscati + stakkato

Thanks for all the song suggestions guys, and the birthday wishes for those who did !! :> Enjoy premium!