🥳 premium giveaway 🥳

Posted 13 days, 17 hours ago (Edited 13 days, 17 hours ago) by Wonderland

We here again, non sub version, for a BIRTHDAY edition of premium giveaway! The winners will be chosen/drawn on or around the 22nd of March for my birthday (I’m so old :’>)

This time however, to enter you have to post a song suggestion! I don’t care what genre, I don’t care what language. Just post a suggestion. I need more songs on my playlist (I already have 3000 don’t judge me!) links are a bonus pls !! I’m lazy!

I think that’s it! :”> yay?

(And I’m not doing a poll this time, that was so many notifications last month >>;;;)

Notes: can’t have premium already and can’t have won my last 2 giveaways :>


Timezone by The Shadowboxers is my latest obsession. Thanks for being generous enough to host a giveaway like this :)


I've really been into "It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus)" by Arcade Fire recently.



thank you for the opportunity! 


Another couple of days to enter and then I’ll close it and probably draw winners for the start of April!