Colored numbers

Posted 2 months, 8 days ago by Luckyee

Random question, I’m just curious.

What colors do you associate to numbers? It doesn’t even have to be a minor synesthesia thing like me. Like, if you thought really hard, what color would you potentially associate with a certain number, and why?

Here’s mine.

1 - white

2 - reddish orange 

3 - silvery blue

4 - dark red / blue depending on context

5- cherry

6- brown

7- aqua-greenish silver ( on another note, 7 also snaps when I hear and/or think about it, so it’s my lucky number :U)

8 - dark red

9 - yellow

0 - black

And stuff like that also changes year numbers, which is why I hated the transition from 2018 into 2019.

2018 is this really nice velvety red and it’s kinda a comfy feeling, so when suddenly you get 2019 which is yellow and also my least favorite color you can kinda imagine how I’d feel lmao


Hmm certain numbers def have a color feeling(?) to me but def not in the synesthesia way.

0 1 4 5 6 7- N/A

2 - basic green

3 - def feeling a yellow

8 - A deep purple


you know, i dont have synesthesia at all but i can 'feel' 1 being white in color haha. and the same for 6 and 8 being in the house of warm colors (my first thought for both was a deep red). :0


Red - 1,4

Blue - 2, 3,5,6,7,8,9,0

I have synesthesia and more strongly associate gender and age to numbers than colours OTL.



Whoa, that’s actually pretty fascinating! I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody with gender associations for stuff like that :0

You learn something new about stuff like this every day, I guess ;U



Also, I've always felt that letters would have colors? A would be red, B would be blue (obviously hngg), C would be light blue, D would be green, and so on. Idk man, I don't have synthesia, but my weird self always thought each letter deserves a color.


2 - yellow
3 - orange
4 - blue
And the rest are a mysterious mix of red, purple and brown. (But 7 might be lime green.)


It's probably nothing to do with synesthesia but I do strongly associate colors with numbers and days, and sometimes letters. I don't actually see the colors, but I do visualize them strongly. If something is in bold the association is EXTRA strong. Numbers, but only numbers, also have personalities, most of them are difficult to put into words. Two digit numbers are a combination of their components' personalities. For example, the number 78 never felt right because the personalities clash.

1- white. Insignificant and very small, blends into the rest of the world.

2- every time I think of the number, it's a different color. but, it's not colorless. 2 is a little kid who can't speak and is very calm for their age

3-orange - the most normal person in the world. maybe a bad student.

4- dark purple - responsible and respectable. If I ran a business I'd want to hire the number 4.

5- bright green-yellow - A free spirit. They like rolling down mountains.

6- sky blue - utterly indescribable, but does still have a personality.

7- gold - very smart and is a regular at the library.

8- bluish purple - motherly but also kind of boastful. Mature and feminine.

9- purple - very awkward and anxious, appears normal to the rest of the world.

Here are my other associations. Words are usually combination of the colors of the most dominant letters.

Sunday- light gray

Monday- bright red

Tuesday- tealish sky blue

Wednesday- bright yellow

Thursday- dark teal

Friday- Barney purple

Saturday- Light green

A- bright red

B- blue

C- orange

D- dark blue

E- red

F- n/a

G- n/a

H- n/a

I- yellow

J- grayish purple

K- Barney purple

L- desaturated yellow-orange

M-  n/a

N- salmon pink

O- yellow

P- teal, more emphasis on the green part

Q- n/a

R- rainbow, but mostly purple

S- salmon/mustard, depends on the day

T- blue

U- salmon

V- gray

W- n/a

X- dark gray

Y- yellow

Z- black