Is it okay to delete images?

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Is deleting images okay?

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29 Votes depends
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Hi! I wanted to know what people think about this subject, people deleting images when they get a new oc (or never posting art they get of that oc) 

What do you think about it?


I don't personally see a problem with it as long as you no longer count those images as value and it's discussed with the person before hand. 

I've had characters I enjoyed who had images that made me uncomfortable or was a gender I did not accociate with the character. 

 I think it's personally best to tab them out, Mark the tab as inaccurate/unused/old but as long as the person involved, trader or tradee, is aware they will not be receiving the images and the value is not counted, I don't see why not.


For a new OC I'd make 100% sure you're keeping it before you delete any of them. 

If it's an oc you made yourself it's your choice. If you ever sale/trade I'd tell the person recieving them about the extra images

I personally only upload images that are colored (Most of the time) and are accurate to my oc. I just stash the others


Personally - I'd keep the art (in a folder on my hard drive) for if I ever transferred the character, but I wouldn't keep them uploaded if I didn't like it, feel it fitted the character, or want it on the characters page. I also don’t like using tabs to store them but I’m also really particular about numbers and organisation so *shrug*

I also think it's 100% up to the new owner what to do with the art visible, as long as they don't try to sell the oc for the same amount with that art gone (if you don't make it available to the new buyer/trader)!


I tend to look for characters with less art, because I don't want to have to deal with NSFW art, couples that don't exist anymore, etc. I feel like it'd be rude to straight up delete the art from the characters, because artists did create those at one point, so it'd be better off just putting the art in a separate tab or just not getting them at all.


if i designed the character and you delete all of the art i did for it... im not exactly the most comfy with it? but i cannot do anything about it other than live with it. 


I don't mind people deleting my own art from their characters for whatever reason (design change, they don't like my art style etc) but personally I'd just put them in a tab labeled as "old art" so I won't make anyone feel sad for having their pics deleted or anything! But if the art doesn't reflect my character or I'm uncomfortable with it (old couple art, fetish art etc) I probably don't want to include them into the main gallery. 


I think it depends? If it's like gore or nsfw or something else that may be uncomfortable then deleting it and/or storing it somewhere where it can't be seen is fine. But if it's a situation where you just don't like the art style or it's an outdated ref, I think it's better to put that art in a tab. That way nothing is lost if you decide to trade the character! And it also kinda...seems a bit rude if the original owner did a lot of art for the character and all that got deleted without any warning, like of course nothing can be said or done about it but it's not the nicest thing to do! For this reason I tend to avoid trying to aquire characters with extra art i particularly dislike.


honestly i don't really see a problem with it. some people like to keep their public character galleries organized in a certain way, and just have the rest of the character art saved somewhere else, and there's nothing wrong with that. some images may just make a person feel really uncomfortable and that's okay too - i don't think it should stop them from being able to own and cherish that design still. there's lots of reasons for deleting / not posting character art and i think all of it is completely valid.

some artists seem to take it really personally when their art is deleted / hidden / not used, but since they're not the character owner i don't think they should really have a say unless it's related to someone posting their art in a way or place that the artist isn't comfortable with (like not crediting properly, etc). like of course artists can have strict rules about the usage of their art, but i don't really think it's reasonable for them to have rules about non-usage if that makes sense. when you're doing art of someone else's character, i think it should be recognized that the artwork is more for the other person than for the artist. to kinda put the issue in a more professional context, companies may hire many different artists for a concept or character they're wanting visuals for, but only one out of the many could get chosen. it's not reasonable for artists to demand the usage of that character design or concept piece even if they did spend a lot of time on it. when you draw something for someone else, whether it's just for someone on TH or a large company, they shouldn't necessarily have to use it or show it off imo ~


a tab with the label 'old gallery/art' i feel would be the best  like everyone is saying. because unless you are the sole creator of that art it's a real shame to get rid of it (though i understand for design change reasons, okay, but you should still keep it stored attached to said character because it's history) it's also almost imperative to keep commissioned art at least separate to a character in the case that you ever transfer them and if the new owner will want to use it! obviously there's a lot more that could be said about this but this is just the tidbits of how i feel about it.


I think the history of a character is very important. I hate it when someone deletes and reuploads an entire character because they lose their ownership history.

As for images, I'd understand why you wouldnt want some anymore. I still think history is important so in this case I would create an extra tab and label it as something like "Old Art" or "No longer accurtate" then dump all the images you dont want into it. I've done something similar myself. I've gotten a few characters where they used to be in a relationship. I put the couple artwork into a seperate tab and named it something like "X boyfriend". I forget. Too lazy to go look. XD


As an artist I get pretty upset to see my art deleted especially since ive had people drag me into drama about it in the past. Someone was trying to sell a character citing a commission i did that was deleted as part of the price. I didnt have the art anymore and over all although it was not my fault I was blamed for it. Furthermore if the oc is gonna be resold or traded I feel like it should come with all previous art simply because tbh when you resell a character all youre reselling is the art you arent reselling the personality and rp replies youre reselling art, deleting that art is deleting part of the character. People should have the option of using old art even if you personally arent going to, you shouldnt ruin future enjoyment based on your current mood and it only takes a few seconds to put it in a private tab out of sight out of mind.


I don't care if people buy characters from me and delete images — as long as they don't do anything shady, it's not going to kill me. But me, personally, toyhouse is the only real character storage I have, so even if there's old art that I'm not a fan of, I'm more than likely just going to sort it as old art instead of outright delete it. If there's art I really really don't like and don't want to be associated with that character, then yeah, I would delete it, but I haven't come to that situation yet.


^^ I agree with Beefy! I was guilty of deleting images from characters I got but, honestly, I see now that it's better to just store it in a tab! That's what the tabs are for, right? If you don't want anyone to look at them you can privatize the tab. The only art you should ever delete is your own.

EDIT: Maybe also say if a character had previous NSFW art and your story is gonna make them into a minor, deleting it might be better. Ahh, there's a lot of iffy things. Just communicate with the artist if you plan to delete something?


Since tabs now count in the image count, if I don't want an image associated with my perception of the character, or it isn't up to my quality standard, I save the image in a folder with the artist name as the image title, then remove it from my gallery.  I want the amount of images on my account to reflect how much of the art I would actively use as references, as icons on my social media, on my profile, etc., because it helps me to recognize at a glance which characters i want to offer up for freebies or art trades, or when someone's style doesn't quite fit my favs that i currently want to spoil.

if i ever get rid of the character in the future, i upload the images again myself before sending the transfer so there will be no confusion in the future if they resell on what was included in the price they paid to acquire the character.

I am a huge proponent of it's your character, do what you want with them.  i know it would suck as an artist to see someone didn't think your image(s) reflected the character or whatever.  i don't have great art, but someone actively asked me for art, then didn't upload it.  i'm a bit sad about that.  but, it may not be what they were hoping for and they didn't want to correct me or something.  maybe it just wasn't something they ended up liking enough to upload.  sucks, but i understand entirely.