Is it okay to delete images?

Posted 2 months, 11 days ago (Edited 2 months, 11 days ago) by synthrock

Is deleting images okay?

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9 Votes no
29 Votes depends
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Hi! I wanted to know what people think about this subject, people deleting images when they get a new oc (or never posting art they get of that oc) 

What do you think about it?


I have no problem with people deleting art by me. It can be for any reason from the character got a redesign to doesn't fit the personality to just straight up not liking it. No hard feelings at all! I've definitely bought characters in resales where the art didn't match up with what I wanted to do so I shipped it off somewhere else. If I paid for the commissioned art along with the character then it seems fine since most TOS don't even cover that. It was a paid for service ya got the right to use or not use. Its kinda like buying a character. You can choose to not use it or even wipe it from existence from your account. Those that do have it in their TOS and get very, very upset over it I try to avoid as much as possible to avoid conflict. 

Not posting all the art you receive is fine too! Some people only wanna showcase the best pieces that show how they want characters seen. Some only want refs up. Others just don't wanna upload. It's all personal choice. 


i think people can delete em, or just privatize them if they don't want the images to be public. can always upload it to an off-site holder or deviantart stash.


I used to delete images (but save them) to hide them from character galleries. But now that there's tabs where I can just tuck away the images I don't want to use, I don't usually delete anything unless it's deeply upsetting. 


Only time I ever delete art is if it is NSFW as I am generally opposed to having that on my characters, especially a new one, and I let the person know when I am purchasing/trading for the character. I haven't had an issue with it to date though I generally shy away from trading for characters with NSFW because of that reason 


It's not a sleazy thing to do or anything, but it annoys me, so i don't do it.


Like it's your choice, there's nothing wrong with getting rid of art you don't enjoy anymore for any reason, but I don't think I'd do it. Personally, the only reason I think I'd actually delete art if it was uncomfortable/harmful for some reason, and I've never had any reason to do this. If it's only inaccurate or OOC I just chuck it in a gallery tab and I leave it there for eveyone to still see & enjoy. I reason that if it's not doing any harm I might as well keep it (and I like looking at how far my characters have come, too!). I'm personally not very fussy about inaccurate/OOC/not-canon art (hell that's half of what I draw anyway) but I know that's important to other people so I get not wanting to showcase it at all... But given how easy it is to hide art from public view I'm not sure I understand the desire to outright delete it just for those reasons? Still, either way it's not like deleting does any harm so if people wanna do that they're still free to, that's just my 2c :p


i don't think there is an issue with it as long as you keep the art stored somewhere in case you sell or trade that design in the future. the next person might want that art.


I think the history of a character is very important. I hate it when someone deletes and reuploads an entire character because they lose their ownership history. // SparkyShark sums up my feelings about this entire thing. I prefer character transfers immensely over re-uploading because:

1) I like having an intact ownership history.

2) Gallery images retain their original upload date - very helpful in cases of art theft, where the extant status of an image is of importance.

3) I like my character IDs low. I prefer numbers below 100,000 and 1,000,000 because they become my character's identification number (in their setting, this is like a national ID number and they're expected to memorise it.)

It's rare for me to acquire second-hand characters whose art I don't like (I avoid that situation to begin with), but sometimes I get characters with the one NSFW (non-gore) piece -- it sometimes inspires me to work something into their story to make it have more sense. That's what I did with Aster Ixis; I do not commission NSFW of my own characters, but he had this very nice NSFW piece that inspired me more than my original ideas for him.