Do You Fave OCs For Wishlists?

Posted 2 months, 5 days ago by Sourpunch

Do You Fave OCs For Wishlists?

4 Votes Yes
12 Votes Yes, but only if they're UFT/S
49 Votes No
13 Votes No, and nobody should ever do that
17 Votes My favorites consist of what I like + and who I want
2 Votes Other (please explain in the comments)

Keeping the poll anonymous to encourage honesty; exactly what it says on the title, do you fave ocs you see around to keep a sort of wishlist?

Anyone is free to express their opinion and experiences in the comments. No namedropping or harassment allowed, so keep this civil please.


i thumbed through my own faves to check, and yeah, i've faved about 2 or 3 characters that i had my eyes on for buying if i feel i can work them into something.

otherwise i will just make a mental note to myself that i like a design, but not enough to buy it. usually if i see a design i like AND i have story potential for it, i'll go ahead and just buy. i do have a private list for design links i'm into, but there's very few there.

imo as long as a person isn't very.. obnoxious, i think is the word, about their faves being a wishlist i don't see the harm. people usually put up tags or descriptions saying characters aren't for sale, and if someone adds a non-ufs character to a wishlist, its on the fave-giving person. i put characters ufs and people end up faving them for what i ASSUME are potential buying / wishlist purposes, and i don't really mind it.


I'm not into the character trading/selling aspect of the site (due to the way in which I create characters, selling/trading/other transfer of OCs is an odd concept to me, no offense intended), so no. I haven't faved any characters yet but if I do it'll be because I find them interesting and want to follow their story (probably because they remind me of one of my own characters).

I'd like to say I might fave a character if I want to try to draw them, but I don't think my art skills are good enough that anyone would want anything I create, and I'd be too shy to ask, anyway. ;_;


I generally fave bc I like their designs/bio! But, if they're UFT/S then I guess it's also a wishlist? But I don't fave them with the intention of, obtaining them. If that makes sense lol