Dear bothers, Help my lost soul :'(

Posted 3 days, 10 hours ago (Edited 3 days, 10 hours ago) by FakeOwl

Should I change ?

5 Votes Change to FakeOwl
16 Votes Keep Vowltures

(I've put the poll on anonymous, but if you could tell me what you choose and why, that would be nice ! :'))

I'm asking for the help of the Mighty Community of Toyhouse !

I've been struggling since I came to the incredible world of internet to find the perfect username I would stuck with forever.
But even if I like my current one, I still have this feeling of unsatifaction, as it doesn't really mean anything.
When I see you people with username full of meaning, I'm telling myself the perfect username should mean something to me in hope to stay.

I'm happy I've been stuck with this username for 2 years now which is a personal record, but I feel like its not the right one.
My current username is a fusion on my favourite bird and what I think to be my spirit animal,
But it doesn't have meaning to me.
I like vultures, but that not a huge part of me,
And I have not real proof owls are my spirit animal.

So I thought of another username, what I came up with ?
Why you may ask ? I thought it could show my struggle to find the perfect username
by being a reference to my old username, thinking my spirit animal is a Owl when its probably not
Oh and Megaman zero inspired me for the "Fake" to be honest,
so it could also be a subtle reference to my love for fiction and creation, which is way more linked to my passion than vultures ? ah
I also like how this username is simple and isn't used by a popular artist
(Not taken on popular website like dA or ArtStation, except Twitter, but not active at all)

I really like this new username
But my current one too...
And I'm scared it would end like my current
Mostly because a game helped me being inspired and I'm scared loosing interest in the game
would make me loose interest in my username too, even if its just an inspiration.
And maybe the username is too simple ?

What should I do ?

Keep Vowltures and wait for the perfect username ?
Change to FakeOwl ? And change later if I find better, who cares if I change username as long as its not too frequent ? and I can always come back to my old one !

Help me, my brothers !
If you have something to say about my username choice, feel free to critique ! that would help me choose !


As you said yourself, you can always change back later if it doesn't click. For now though, it seems like FakeOwl would have a lot more personal significance to you than your current name does! And if that's important to you then I say go for it! I went through at least 2 other usernames (offsite) before settling on this one for a couple years so far, so it does happen! Just be patient! ^^


Historia - Me too I love both, thats why I wanted to ask for help :')
I'm planing to keep the one I don't choose for side account in any case !


AAAAH I don't know what to choose even with the poll !!
For the people that wants me to keep my current username, is there a reason why you think that ?


maybe if you're lucky and you get tired of the video game aspect of the new name, the name will have stuck by that point and you'll be fine with it! ^^ that's kind of what happened with me. beed is definitely derivative from Beedle hah. but it's just... me, now, so... yeah. : p to be fair i've stuck with this on account of it being plastered everywhere (email, business name, etc), so i accidentally didn't give myself a choice in the matter   

I hope no matter what you can find a decision that feels right to you! : 0 i do quite like vowltures, it's odd but satisfying and smooth to read/say.


Beed - Yeah that could work because I'm not sure you can tell for the new username, but since I know where I got the inspiration I feel like it could append x)
At this point I'm not sure anymore :')