What website do you usually upload art to?

Posted 5 days, 19 hours ago by barkbq

I love to share my art but I can't figure out which site is best to upload to (I've tried fa, da, twitter, and insta).
Which site do ya'll think is best for uploading art / which ones do you use most? I just want to stick with one since managing multiple stresses me out.

also sorry if this thread has been made before!




any site but tumblr


I personally like Instagram and DA! DA is sort of the old faithful, but I already have a following there so its easier to get attention for me & my stuff there; Instagram seems easier to get a bit of attention building from the ground up.

I mean it also kinda depends what you're looking for in terms of sharing your art as well (attention, storage, portfolio,commission examples?) 


Mostly toyhouse and instagram and amino

sometimes deviantart and tumblr


deviantART and twitter are my top two defaults where I always post, but I also post on tumblr, instagram, paigeeworld, pillowfort, furaffinity, mastodon and several aminos, but I use those sometimes very on-and-off in the order I listed thm (tumblr being the second most active and aminos the least because god people are so rude and downright malicious there throwing slurs around) 


Uh, now that I thought of it...I don't think I have a site that I post all my works there, it's often spread rather weirdly. I used to post everything on Twitter, but tracking any artworks there sucks that I mostly use it for doodles. For dA and Instagram, I only use to post my "better" artworks, while here on TH I only post reference-worthy artworks (and some gift/commissioned artworks that others uploaded on their gallery). My personal Weebly site is the closest since all my OC works are archived there, but I don't post low quality doodles there anymore (those stay forever in Twitter lol) and obviously fanarts are not included there.

In short, I use multiple sites but spread what artworks I post in each sites rather strangely, haha. (This doesn't even include Tumblr or Pixiv which is way more inactive by now)


Postybirb is also good for multi-uploads. I dinked around with it and it doesn't seem to save anything but cookies, which is fine. 

I upload on rotation, mostly. I can't handle everything at once. I've played catchup with postybirb then I got a new laptop and failed to keep up with anything I didn't remember to grab my login for.

Right now it's mostly twitter (because kh fandom, but I don't like retweeting as it's an art twitter so it's tough to get support), tumblr (old reliable, I love tags, and it's easily attached to my main), and my wordpress blog (a good center but no feedback). I have deviantart and furaffinity where I mass spam once every couple months, but I check my inbox for furaffinity every couple days. DA is too overwhelming and I have like 15k things in my watch inbox and it's awful. Everything else is dead. I hate instagram's culture, mastodon was interesting but too small. Weasyl was neat a couple years ago but also too small.


I only ever remember to post to TH. Sometimes Amino, very rarely DA. 


Used to use DeviantArt long ago, but I'm mainly a writer so I switched to that. Haven't posted since they started using that "Stash" (sic) thing, since it incorrectly formatted one of my chapters as text rather than HTML (I know I chose HTML) and I can't fix that without deleting a few following chapters, which sets off my OCD,  and it's too hard for me to figure out and I had no readers anyway. Thanks for ruining my experience, DA.

Now I just use Imgur. I'm not a "real artist" (all I've really been doing is drawings for SketchDaily on Reddit) so this is good enough for me. If I were trying to actually gain an audience I'd need to post somewhere better, I guess...but I have abysmal luck gaining audiences so I've never tried.

I have a Flickr account I guess I could turn to but that's better for photography and you need a premium account for unlimited content. And for some reason, Twitter suspended my account right after I joined and won't let me fix the problem, so...no clue what happened there. Never liked Twitter anyway.

Briefly considered Instagram but I don't want family accidentally finding my anonymous Facebook account and I don't like how it crops images. :/ I don't know anywhere else, except Tumblr, and I just use that to reblog others' pretty stuff, don't want to clutter it with my junk...

...I know this post is utterly useless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry.


DA mainly, Sometimes Twitter and Tumblr, I need to go back to posting on Newgrounds and FA.


tumblr, instagram, and deviantart! not much luck on tumblr though :/