What website do you usually upload art to?

Posted 2 months, 4 days ago by doodoles

I love to share my art but I can't figure out which site is best to upload to (I've tried fa, da, twitter, and insta).
Which site do ya'll think is best for uploading art / which ones do you use most? I just want to stick with one since managing multiple stresses me out.

also sorry if this thread has been made before!




any site but tumblr


I personally like Instagram and DA! DA is sort of the old faithful, but I already have a following there so its easier to get attention for me & my stuff there; Instagram seems easier to get a bit of attention building from the ground up.

I mean it also kinda depends what you're looking for in terms of sharing your art as well (attention, storage, portfolio,commission examples?) 


I mostly upload art here on Toyhouse, though I also upload on Deviantart (Though only for Fanart/Birdfolk/Adoptables), and Twitter (For both OC art and Fanart)


Mostly toyhouse and instagram and amino

sometimes deviantart and tumblr


deviantART and twitter are my top two defaults where I always post, but I also post on tumblr, instagram, paigeeworld, pillowfort, furaffinity, mastodon and several aminos, but I use those sometimes very on-and-off in the order I listed thm (tumblr being the second most active and aminos the least because god people are so rude and downright malicious there throwing slurs around) 


Uh, now that I thought of it...I don't think I have a site that I post all my works there, it's often spread rather weirdly. I used to post everything on Twitter, but tracking any artworks there sucks that I mostly use it for doodles. For dA and Instagram, I only use to post my "better" artworks, while here on TH I only post reference-worthy artworks (and some gift/commissioned artworks that others uploaded on their gallery). My personal Weebly site is the closest since all my OC works are archived there, but I don't post low quality doodles there anymore (those stay forever in Twitter lol) and obviously fanarts are not included there.

In short, I use multiple sites but spread what artworks I post in each sites rather strangely, haha. (This doesn't even include Tumblr or Pixiv which is way more inactive by now)


Postybirb is also good for multi-uploads. I dinked around with it and it doesn't seem to save anything but cookies, which is fine. 

I upload on rotation, mostly. I can't handle everything at once. I've played catchup with postybirb then I got a new laptop and failed to keep up with anything I didn't remember to grab my login for.

Right now it's mostly twitter (because kh fandom, but I don't like retweeting as it's an art twitter so it's tough to get support), tumblr (old reliable, I love tags, and it's easily attached to my main), and my wordpress blog (a good center but no feedback). I have deviantart and furaffinity where I mass spam once every couple months, but I check my inbox for furaffinity every couple days. DA is too overwhelming and I have like 15k things in my watch inbox and it's awful. Everything else is dead. I hate instagram's culture, mastodon was interesting but too small. Weasyl was neat a couple years ago but also too small.


I only ever remember to post to TH. Sometimes Amino, very rarely DA. 


Used to use DeviantArt long ago, but I'm mainly a writer so I switched to that. Haven't posted since they started using that "Stash" (sic) thing, since it incorrectly formatted one of my chapters as text rather than HTML (I know I chose HTML) and I can't fix that without deleting a few following chapters, which sets off my OCD,  and it's too hard for me to figure out and I had no readers anyway. Thanks for ruining my experience, DA.

Now I just use Imgur. I'm not a "real artist" (all I've really been doing is drawings for SketchDaily on Reddit) so this is good enough for me. If I were trying to actually gain an audience I'd need to post somewhere better, I guess...but I have abysmal luck gaining audiences so I've never tried.

I have a Flickr account I guess I could turn to but that's better for photography and you need a premium account for unlimited content. And for some reason, Twitter suspended my account right after I joined and won't let me fix the problem, so...no clue what happened there. Never liked Twitter anyway.

Briefly considered Instagram but I don't want family accidentally finding my anonymous Facebook account and I don't like how it crops images. :/ I don't know anywhere else, except Tumblr, and I just use that to reblog others' pretty stuff, don't want to clutter it with my junk...

...I know this post is utterly useless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry.


DA mainly, Sometimes Twitter and Tumblr, I need to go back to posting on Newgrounds and FA.


tumblr, instagram, and deviantart! not much luck on tumblr though :/