What's your favorite cereal?

Posted 2 months, 4 days ago by glizzrybear

Cereal or milk first?

74 Votes Cereal
6 Votes Milk

Idk I'm in a mood and I'm nosy. Tell me   

Mine is a brand called Honey Stars!!! It's a cereal shaped like stars (and moons) and taste like.. honey!! (surprising)

After coming to USA I started liking Cheerios too lol but HS's still the best.

And for the poll, I'm team cereal first.


Regular Special K (Fruit and Yogurt, Chocolate Almond and Apple Cinnamon Crunch) with almond milk or oat milk. I don't do well with cow's milk.

Also, what kind of heretic puts their milk first? They should know that the falling of the cereal will make it splash everywhere, right?


i'll just straight up buy boxes of krave and frosted flakes and stuff just to eat it dry out of the box. milk is for weaklings whose bones are made out of calcium instead of fortified steel and concrete

hang on tho apparently trix.. trix brought the shapes back. they brought the shapes back??? what????? dudes i gotta go out to the store tomorrow to try and find a box. i haven't had the shapes since i was a little kid cuz they discontinued em in the states when i was like ten or so. and now they're back apparently??? man it might just be nostalgia pandering to try and win our money but like.. yknow what i'll buy into this consumerist hellscape. just this once


Cinnamon  L i f e 


Captain Crunch ;v;


L u c k y C h a r m s


Either Rice Krispies or this:


The latter is better without milk though