What's your favorite cereal?

Posted 5 days, 1 hour ago by glizzrybear

Cereal or milk first?

59 Votes Cereal
4 Votes Milk

Idk I'm in a mood and I'm nosy. Tell me   

Mine is a brand called Honey Stars!!! It's a cereal shaped like stars (and moons) and taste like.. honey!! (surprising)

After coming to USA I started liking Cheerios too lol but HS's still the best.

And for the poll, I'm team cereal first.


Honey Smacks, Lucky Charms, and Frosted Flakes for me. They're the only cereals I tolerate with milk.


Honey Nut Cheerios


literally the only cereal I eat is the cinnamon toast one because the cinnamon gets in the milk so I can actually drink it without feeling sick and the cereal doesn't get soggy


*Insert 2009 Reeses Puffs rap here*



i like frosted flakes

i used to like trix

they used to have fun shapes and bright colors but now theyre all boring circles


Aaa, I'm not sure if it counts but it's a cereal, I absolutely adore puffs by Gerber, they're all tasty and my favvvooorriitteee!! Since I have a very weak stomach, it's about the only cereal I can keep down and they're just so addicting. Of course inexpensive too. ; w ;


cinnamon toast crunch

but anything that is sweet or has a lot of sugar basically
i wont eat say "plain" cheeri-os if i dont have a good amount of sugar on hand

Milk usually depends not a fan of the stuff and the internet isnt helping with that but if I can eat it without then I will


Kokocrunch and Honeystars are my favourite! They are nice af, It's been awhile since i have them :') 


Kokocrunch and..thats it oof


I'll go for Krave or lucky charms but I just found in my local store COLD STONE (as in the ice cream place) CEREAL its like strawberry something


My favorites are honey combs and cap’n crunch!

Edit: my all time favorite is fruity pebbles

(I haven’t had cereal with milk in literal years fight me)


That mario cereal from when oddesy was still big and frosted krispies