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This thread is currently being recoded! I won't yet update this version of the thread, but the new coding will have all world inside.

I'll be modding this thread on my main ElithianFox and will often respond to comments through that account. If you have any inquiries about this thread that need direct attention, please PM me there, not on this account!

The goal of this thread is to create a database of all active worlds on TH that are looking for new members to circumvent TH's lack of being able to search groups. This can be about any group at all, from RPing to fandom to selling commissions! I went through the entire Worlds section and added the active groups that were advertised, but if you don't want your world on here or would like it removed, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll take it off!

How to get your world added

Simply comment below with the following, if applicable:

❖ World name and link
❖ Setting/purpose
❖ Possible age limitations
❖ Species limitations (humanoid, anthro, feral, canon species only, etc.)
❖ A brief description the length of the other worlds, if necessary
❖ A link to an introduction post/guide to your world, if this exists

And I will add it to the list! ;v;


Fandom, world

Species/character reqs



Age restrictions


Worldbuilding, species, and RP worlds

RP related



Need to learn the ropes? Want to help a beginner roleplayer out? This is your world.
A world where you can search for roleplays through a structured categorised forum.

Medieval and past setting

Life by ElithianFoxCewyreph and Aioen Reef by M4RINELIFEWelcome to Outcastia by Experiment413



What do you mean "you can summarise a dozen other worlds but not your own"?
A fantasy world where underwater and land communities both exist on one planet.
This kingdom hosts all misfits from around the world, hoping to give them a chance at a safe life there.
Kliqirial by profitamoleVariet, Home for the Gifted by Snew



High in species diversity, this world allows its members to build and explore it along with its creator.
In dangerous times for spellcasters, this world focuses on the conflict between the rich non-mages and the outcast mages.

Modern setting

Shoot For The Stage by puubearSeptimal Moon by aurichalcyonLondon Event Crisis by AssassinPerson

Original inclusive AU

London AU

A self-described idol hell where characters display their musical talents.
An original world based off the Loveless series involving a soul mate system of magic.
Villain and hero verse where a group of resistance fights against those who endanger their city.
Chronicles of Lazuli by OucaWelcome to Aleisseia by ArowanaPrincessHaven Cove by Prismakry
Some humanoids

A semi-modern fantasy with the focus on the continent of PalisOne among five of the world's continent, Aleisseia has humans, merfolk, and SorenThis modern day city surrounded by the sea and mountains welcomes any species that comes in peace


Futuristic, scifi, or post-apocalyptic setting

Soul TV by sstwinsZombie Apocalypse RP by TheTokenBritThe World's Magical End by Beria
TV head

Zombie apocalypse

Post apocalyptic RPG
Any species

In a society where humans and TV-headed humanoids live in peace, the sudden appearance of a glitch endangers the status quoThe unforeseen appearance of the dead forced a group to hide out in a high school and restart societyWhat would happen if the evil overlord of an RPG actually won? The survivors are thrown into an apocalyptic world where every day is a battle to see the next one
The Valos by chiauveXaria by @cutlikeajewel
Bonfire by ProfJiangshi
Post apocalyptic
Original species


Post apocalyptic earth AU
(Magical) human

Thousands of years after the decline of mankind, its remaining descendants learn about an underground threatThis space based planet far away from ours can be built up by its very participantsThe perfect society is thrown into chaos by the eruption of Yellowstone and now a group of rebels want to restore it to its former glory

Unspecified or mixed setting

Aquaverta by Prismakry
Switch Verse by Shineheart
Hallowstain by Shiyoma
Aquatic fantasy

Earth AU


A light hearted aquatic world where islands meet the oceanAnthro and feral AU of a magical earth
Hallowstain is an organisation that kills for the greater good. Only the most skilled assassins are accepted here
Feral Universe by ninathefox243Clouder's Roost by CorocoParanormal Activity by @duskers

Any species


A forest where the rule of beast leaves its animal inhabitants the choice to eat, or to be eaten
An inter-dimensional apartment where creatures from all over the multiverse can meet up and find their soulmateBe they creatures from the night or humans involved with the occult, any paranormal themed characters are welcome here
The Crossroads Complex by cadwo

Any species

Your characters are plucked out of their setting and placed at this Crossroad! Where will they end up?

Original species

Gem Exchange - Jo'Arca by RaptorSlutGorein Garden by Zekkutsu
Closed species

Closed species

A humanoid species of celestial dragons with gems as their core featureA tiny garden filled with small cloak-clad goat-people

Fandom worlds

Marvel High by @rivaaleUSS Enterprise by lotadZora's Domain by raingoats
Marvel AU

Star Trek
Any species

Legend of Zelda

Futuristic high school AU of the Marvel superhero universe
A recreation of the Star Trek headworld, with a five year mission welcoming new travellersA world for the Legend of Zelda fish species known as Zora
Mobius by exiideThe Gem Hearts by PrismakryFriendship is Ending by Nessy
Sonic the Hedgehog

Steven Universe


Future AU of earth in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe
A group of earthbound gems with hearts as their symbol
Dark future AU after the death of the mane six
Pokejinka Central by @shugahimeBullworth by @sonnio

Canis Canem Edit

A hub for all Pokemon gijinkasThemed after a private boarding school in England, this world has the Canis Canem Edit canon as its setting

NSFW worlds

U3 by LemonTea


Based off a dating game, the planet of Usmoria is filled with lesbian kemonos.


 Event and social worlds

Common interest worlds

Lacie's Garden by melliexFerality by Sp00kE
Part of the Story by Shasha


Fan character

Welcoming female OCs of any species, made by creators of all genders
Welcomes all ferals, regardless of species
A safe haven for fan characters of any franchise
Kemonomimi world by @honeynekoKemonomimi world by Sightless
AU world by queenofmelons


A place to meet up fellow kemonomimi fans, find RPs, and make friendsA world dedicated to the arts surrounding kemonomimi charactersJust a whole bunch of AUs

Art and design exchanges, trades, and gifts

Freedraw by you-are-butt

Gift art

Want freebies? Want to create random gift art for people? Freedraw's your world

Commercial worlds

Marketplace by enzouke

Design trade and sale

If the trade forums aren't doing the job for you, perhaps a more specific world will help you find what you need


Hoping this is still active - here's a world to include if possible:

❖ Bad Man's Competition |
❖ To bring characters (Mostly villains) together in a retro game show setting.
❖ Characters are preferred to be 18+. People joining should be about 16 or older.
❖ No Species limitations as longs they aren't taller than 10 ft.
❖ The main page of the world will contain this information!


❖ Pakkeli Cluster:

❖ To bring more people into the closed species and build more interactions!

❖ No age limit for members, but characters are over 20 yrs old unless made otherwise.

❖ Only for the Pakkeli/Pakaasu (closed species owned by me)


@billybob TrashMammals @gothsloth Nickle4aPickle Aikaikaik @stefbani Adding them as we speak! They will be added in the next few days when I find time~

@billybob Is the original species category correct for your world? From a quick glance there didn't seem to be any and it looks more like a general RPing world ^^;


Hi, hi! Can someone please explain to me how worlds work?

From what I'm seeing, they're used as some sort of sub-forum center for specific worlds used for role plays and closed species, which makes sense to me, but I'm more curious in if it's possible to make one for personal use only.

Like, say I have a story that takes place in a mythological setting with high-fantasy elements that I want to develop and would wanna share with others and put my characters into, but don't want anyone going in and adding/changing anything. Is that possible with this feature, or is it mostly just for social purposes like deviantart groups?

If so then it would be really useful to me, but I wanna get some more clarity on it since I only ever see it used for role playing! ><


Rynnu - yeah that's totally possible!  I have several "private" worlds myself.  Just don't invite any members (people who can edit the world's contents) to it and you should be fine.


@egg-ii oh, thanks! I'll have to give it a try soon! ^^


The city of Grimshire/The Slums of the Outdated

Steampunk-era, Rich vs the poor, World building and changes occur when you make choices. Butterfly effect. 

Have to be 18 this is a very dark story 

No species limitation 

Come join the fight between the rich vs the poor! Join the Rebellion or be an aristocrat, the choice is yours.

The choices you make on either side effect how the story will act so choose wisely.

Send me a message on here, or on telegram Prince_Mai


World name: Lavender Fields. I do not have a link sorry.

Purpose is for role play making friends

Age limitations 18+ There is nothing sexual or violent I just believe minors should not be mingling with adults.

Species limitations none that I can think of.

Lavender Fields is a world the size of a moderate island. the inhabitants are non fighters. They are peaceful nature loving pagan people who have come to this world to escape the fighting of the outside worlds.

i dont have an introduction post/guide to my world yet but when I do I will add it


❖ Inkopolis - 

❖ Splatoon/ Splatoon 2 fandom world

❖ 13+

❖ Only within the Splatoon universe should be species limitations.

❖ Splatoon is a colorful world where squids, anemones, octopi, and all alike gather around to compete in turf wars and such. It's a wonderful place to be and we hope you join us!

❖ Link/introduction guide is in the description of the group!


Plush Acres

❖ RPing, 

❖ 16+ No NSFW welcomed. (characters must have any and all NSFW art tagged and hidden)

❖ Any! As long as they are mostly light in color//pastel

❖ A pastel plush paradise. For all to enjoy!

❖ (world is a major WIP still QvQ )  Basic info!

Id also like to update the owner of the USS Enterprise to Sprinkles (i moved accounts back)


It's still a bit of a work in progress, but it's getting there.

❖ World name: The Divine Planes

❖ Setting/purpose: Three worlds where non-human species of the mythological kind run amok. Humanoid dragons and creatures called daemons native to the realms rule in place of humans.

❖ Possible age limitations: +18 plus for members, but no set age limitation for characters. 

❖ Species limitations: Humans, humanoids, feral, and anthros welcome!

❖ A link to an introduction post/guide to your world, if this exists: 


Welcome to  the Divine Planes! Here be dragons, daemons, and all other sorts of  mythological creatures. The only species that isn't native to these  worlds are humans -- and they themselves are considered myths or aliens  from outer space in these parts. Not every denizen of the Divine Planes  has benevolent intentions for tourists, but what's an adventure without a  bit of danger?

The Planes:

There are three worlds that constitute the Divine Planes: 

- Sarovia, the land of dragons

- Elepra, the land of daemons

- Whoenoe, a wild frontier no one holds dominance over


The 8-Light Universe (MU-0)

Setting and Purpose :: This Universe (subset of Tales-Of Multiverse) is presents a version of Earth that initially appears identical to that of Earth IRL. However, it is anything but. This Universe was created for the express purpose(s) of storytelling (in Chapter-based and Story Arc-based progression) and RP'ing. In addition to this, the timeline(s) also tend to mirror some modern events (IRL), to keep the story grounded to an extent. MU-0 should work well with almost any number of active contributors, and is available to anyone who is interested in Sci-Fi and light Fantasy elements.

Age Requirement(s) :: 16 years or older.

Species Allowed :: If creating a character based in MU-0, needs to be Human/Kemonomimi. MU-0 does not currently support alien planets. However, you can organize a way for one Universe to interact with another. That requires planning and permission.

Description :: Somewhere, deep in the Multiversal plane, a Universe exists that initially, is so similar to the universe you actually dwell in, that you can barely tell the difference. Perhaps it is a parallel Universe of some sort, where the difference is so subtle, that any ordinary man would go mad searching for the difference that makes it so unique? Upon further inspection down the timeline, however, the difference is much more profound than one could imagine - an event in its Earthen history, that changed the course of time forever. The United States had experienced enough political oppression to bring about another Civil War, and the world had seen its third World War. Surely, something is wrong with this picture - the scorched Earth with ashes raining from the skies. And, in the chaos of it all, one seized the opportunity to change the course of history forever. In their actions, the Multiverse was shaken, and worlds moved. Worlds collided. The echoes of war rang throughout the Multiverse. For that one Universe, however, the progression of time was changed forever.