LF: Roleplays/Ships/World building

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Hi. Right now I'm looking for some role plays, world building or even just headconing!
Most of my characters are always opened for friendships as long as they aren't in my Ithica folder or my Magical Kingdom folder.

Also please note, I only pair my characters sexually with other males. 

Single characters
However these are the ones I really wanna play with
Kleitos|| Kye || Hale || Need to name (i really want to develop the last one)

I also have an habit of making new characters all the time, haha.
So if you don't see someone you like in there and still want to rp let me know, I'm more then happy to make a new bby.
Dragons. Give me a reason to make more dragon babies.

I'm pretty easy going and hard to piss off. I talk a lot so please make sure you like to ooc chat before getting a hold of me. I would like someone who is willing to make a long term ship, as  I spend money on my ships. I also really like smut, please do smut with me.
If talking isn't something you like then we won't work well together.
I can do both ooc over Skype or Discord, which a strong preference to skype since its connected to my phone. 

Also, I'm only wanting humanoid characters. No animal characters unless they have a human form. Thanks c:

And last, here is my comfort meme so please take a look at that!

Sarubia - don't lose this


I'm interested!!
I have to go to work soon so I'm not gonna make a long post right now, but I'm interested :D I have a bunch of cool characters that haven't gotten much use. I actually need to upload about 5 more high quality ones... *lazy*
I'm always looking for MxM ships; I like angst ^.^ Also love headcannoning (so we can see if the characters will work before we throw them together) ... Goals would be to get a longterm pairing :D they're so hard though!!



gOD https://toyhou.se/1213145.zino#4459038 makes me want to make a dragon boy



Hello~ Just wondering! Do you have any info for Kleitos? ovo

I am really fond of world building! Here's an example from one of the stories I'm currently writing about, too...

I had this story in mind since early July, but I've been working on it lately ever since October 19! I'm torn to make this an rp group in a way, but I won't open it for now since I still lack the 75% of the world. I just want to know what are your thoughts on this :')

Yes, this is heavily inspired by both Greek mythology and Lovecraftian mythology! The only characters that I have for this series (and are submitted in Toyhouse) are Damien, Pickles, and Persephone.

"By the temperate mountain ranges of Arcobaleno, there lies an ocean that envelopes the strange chasm we know as Thalassia. After an unusual volcanic activity from a long time ago, the chasm was formed and strange creatures were rumored to reside by Thalassia."



  • Overview:  The mountain range surrounding the ocean where Thalassia is located.  Named as such due to its colorful mountains, and there are cable cars everywhere for transport. Due to the volcanic activity, the water levels  are disastrous. Hence, the town was moved to the mountain ranges.
  • History: Around 450 BC, a tower called Heliuna was built by Arcobaleno. Gradually, a human civilization began while building the tower, though the majority was drowned due to the volcanic activities. Since Heliuna was located at the very top and center of Arcobaleno, a city was established there. Until now, people still build cities at a ridiculous height due to the hectic tidal activities.



  • Overview: A chasm found underwater. It leads to a city of strange, unnamed creatures. Although it is rumored peaceful, most humans  will not survive the lack of oxygen on this area.
  • History:  Thalassia used to be a town where there was once a civilization led by  humans in it, though the area sunk after a volcanic activity.

And if you want ship development like they're strangers at first then they gradually get intimate until they're just... a happy couple (not a fan of netorare but I've done some roleplays haha)

I mostly am into Discord, sadly qmq

LimSeirir Not yet! I don't tend to develop characters until I headcon them. Are you wanting to do something with him? ovo

@uchuujinwanco I have no idea what netorare is, sorry. haha I like doing ship development and building a world around the characters. I don't tend to build worlds first, as my main thing is characters to me. c:


Oh! So you're like me hahahaha xD I find it easier to develop the characters during interactions and stuff!
I have this bab here https://toyhou.se/1122297.arima#4143566 that I've been wanting to develop more! I can't find this species info anymore so I've been at a loss for a bit with no one else to help in terms of interactions with him hahaha ;v; lemme know if you're interested in talking about them! <3