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Haloo all~!



Thank you for checking out my Rp thread!

In the last year or so I've been trying to find partners of like mind and temperament to roleplay with. I love meeting new people and sharing ideas, stories, and passions. In some ways I believe I need it - it keeps me inspired, and I hope helps to inspire others.


However, the few role playing seeds I have sown have reaped (while amazing!) little fruit. I'm sure it's my fault in the end, but I hope with this thread I will be able to redeem myself and find some people to connect with, and maybe befriend, through the joys of role playing. That said, I know how hard it is to find people with the same goals, preferences, and style as yourself. I hope to make this process as easy and painless as possible, so both of us can find enjoyment from sharing a story together! <3


If you would please read a brief description of who I am, what I like, and what I'm after, that would be just wonderful!

Afterwards, I will have a section on which characters of mine I'm open to play, with brief ideas on potential scenarios to start us off! I'll try to be as concise as possible so you can get a simple idea of everyone, and pick who you'd like to roleplay with the most! <3


About me

(No worries if none of this matters to you, just skip this section. <3)


-- My name is Matthew, but friends and family call me Monue (maw-new)! --

-- I am an adult, demi-pansexual (slight lean to males) cis male, an INFP, a Cancer, and I’m from Wisconsin! --

-- My TV/Movie fandoms/favorites include Star Wars, Star Trek, LoTR, Marvel, DC, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Last Airbender/Korra, Steven Universe, 30Rock, The Office, It’s Always Sunny, Bojack Horseman, Arrested Development, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Voltron, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Frasier, and History/Science/Nature documentaries! --

-- My Gaming fandoms include the Fire Emblem series (all time favorite series, played them all), Pokemon series, Civilization series, Guild Wars 2, Tales of series, Overwatch, Endless Legend/Space and Smite. --

-- For music I genuinely can appreciate all genres, though my favorites are Opera, Hard Rock/Metal, and Singer/Songwriter. Some favorite artists include: Otep (all time favorite), Tori Amos, Halsey, Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Civil Wars, Vas, The Agonist, The Romanovs, Tool, Perfect Circle, Sarah Slean, Weapons, The Abeyant, Kyla La Grange, Globus, Within Temptation, Jem, Emilie Autumn, Godsmack, The Beatles, Anouk, Chopin. --

(five favorite songs: )

-- I spend a lot of time reading both novels and nonfiction. Neil Gaiman is my favorite author, and I’ve done a lot of personal research on history, mythology, and politics. --


About Rping

Never hesitate to ask about anything! I am 100% open to hearing you out!




-- I Rp using Skype and Discord, but I’m open to trying other methods! --

-- I generally try to match my partner, I can one-line to multi-para easily, but I prefer semi-para to para. --

-- I will Rp with and/or using humans, humanoids, kemonomimi, anthros, aliens - just about anything.

-- I prefer to discuss what we’d like to have happen and see in an Rp before beginning, however if you want to wing it we can give that a try as well. --

-- I will ask a lot of questions about your character and their motives and desires. I love learning about other people’s characters, and I do not hide it. I also love giving advice and helping people work on their worlds, stories, and characters, and I’ll always do my best to give you my honest advice and opinions! --

-- I will not Rp outright sex scenes, and I am absolutely fine with not including or mentioning sex in the Rp at all. While I will not roleplay outright sex, there is a threshold for how far a situation can go that I’m comfortable with. It’s a weird one, and not many will understand it, but if you’re curious you can ask. That said, I am totally okay with innuendo, sexual jokes, fade-to-black (if applicable), and do enjoy a little bit of perviness (but all of this is 100% not necessary! Your preferences and comfortability matter more). --

-- Rp elements I love, in no particular order, include: --

Deep Friendship/Platonic love

Romantic love/Shipping



In Rp Worldbuilding

Mix of Comedy and Tragedy

-- In terms of settings, from most preferred to least, I like: --

Fantasy of All Kinds

Sci-Fi Fantasy hybrid (Star Wars)

Basic Science Fiction (Star Trek, Firefly)

Steam Punk/Cyber Punk

Modern Supernatural (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural)


(If you want to Rp with one of my characters very bad, but only Rp modern supernatural or basic modern, I’m still willing to hear you out. Maybe we can work something out. <33)




Everything listed here are just ideas and are not all I can do with characters, nor what I am willing to do with any of these characters! Settings, plot ideas, ages, anything is up for negotiation! Some things I likely won’t bend on, but most things I will!

Pictures can be clicked to go to the character's profile! There will definately be more pictures to see of the character, but there is not as high a chance for there to be more information about the character. I'm a little behind. Some of them will have more info though!

Additionally, if ANY of my characters interest you in my profile, ask about them! Lets see if we can set something up. <3



Eocene Lacreno


Homosexual, submissive.

Dayaanidhi Adelorathe


Bisexual, switch.

Leilani Kherris


Homosexual, submissive.

An upbeat okalai from Demnoscant that’s a member of the Ishara, a group of agile blade dancers/sword saints who generally travel in troupes to spread joy and love - as well as defend and aid people in need. They have a spiritual connection to their long blades which glow with what is said to be the color of their soul. When he was younger, traveling with his troupe, he met a young squire of another race training to be a knight. The squire had quickly fallen for Eocene, though his affections were unfortunate not reciprocated. Since then, that knight now doggedly pursues his “lost love,” while Eocene has long since moved on and began journeying on his own.


Possible Story Ideas

  1. Chance Encounters: Eocene and another character happen upon one another in one of various ways - perhaps at a local tavern, perhaps they’re heading the same direction down a long road, or perhaps one of them is caught in the middle of a battle with bandits!
  2. Seeking A Master: Eocene is on the search for someone to help refine his sword technique - whether or not they’re an ishara as well. You can play that person, who either willingly or after some okalain persistence gives in and trains him. Eocene can be played younger depending on how much of a novice we’d like him to be.
  3. The Knight: Although I do have a canon story for the knight character that fell for Eocene when they were younger, I’m willing to change it for some Rp! In this scenario you can play the knight that’s been searching for Eocene all this time - he can be obsessed and greedy, or genuinely loving and compassionate, or anything in between. I’m open to your interpretation and ideas!

A charming desert nymph, also known as a senkrinaedae, Dayaanidhi was born from the Jhihavii desert of Okorobah itself. When his kind are born this way they often appear in their (literal) motherland at a random age - Dayaanidhi appeared young, around five or six, and was taken in by an al-miraj couple that had happened across him while traveling through the desert. He grew up in as loving and supportive an environment as his mothers could provide. However, his new home was far away from the desert in which he was born. For a nymph, a being deeply tied to the land their breed is from, living so far away from their natural habitat means living with a hole in ones soul. As Dayaan came of age he knew he’d have to leave his adoptive family and return home - to his motherland, and to his people.


Possible Story Ideas

  1. The Journey Home: Dayaanidhi is traveling back home to the Jhihavii desert when he happens upon a stranger - perhaps adventuring, traveling, or in some kind of danger themselves. Preferring the company of others, and always willing to lend a hand, Dayaanidhi offers to travel with the stranger and get into all manner of fantastical mischief and mayhem on their journey.
  2. Natural Destruction: While traveling Dayaanidhi witnesses an event of careless natural destruction - possibly industrial deforestation, a great forest fire caused by mages looking to move their army unimpeded, or a dark mage/bandit horde carelessly polluting a once beautiful natural ecosystem. Drawn to protect the environment, Dayaanidhi musters his strength and courage and moves to stop this needless destruction! Perhaps a local sympathiser aids him in this quest, or perhaps the perpetrator has reasons of their own for their actions - maybe it just leads to a fight!

A beautiful unicorn most likely born in Zelinda, a human country, Leilani was put up for adoption as an infant and taken in by a kind and loving couple that at the time were unable to produce children of their own. Even when his parents inevitably had children of their own, a boy and girl, their love for Leilani never diminished, and they were always supportive of him and his preferences. Although his homelife was ideal, Leilani’s time in school was quite a bit more difficult. His family lived in a smaller town that had a narrow mindset, and being the only non-human his age coupled with being rather dainty and feminine presenting Leilani was often the target of ridicule and harassment from his peers. Ultimately these racist and otherwise negative undertones that permeated throughout the town came to a head when a usurper took the throne of Zelinda and demanded the internment of all non-humans in the country, as well as declaring war on their neighbors. Fearing for their son’s life, Leilani’s parents bought passage to the nearby elven territory across the inland sea for the youth, and provided him with everything they could to make his journey as easy as possible. Now technically an adult, Leilani has found himself lost and alone in the big wide world for the first time in his life.


Possible Story Ideas

  1. Lost At Port: Leilani has left the sea vessel at the wrong port, nowhere near the relative safety of the neutral nation of Sanaea. He wanders around town, lost and confused as to what he should do now, with not much else save the little money, clothes, and provisions he was given by his parents. Perhaps the town is another human city, or perhaps it’s neutral as well. In either case, won’t someone help him out?
  2. Loneliness: Leilani had made it to Sanaea and managed to land himself a job as a waiter at a local restaurant frequented primarily by townies and visiting sailors. Living alone in what amounts to a motel room Leilani has never felt more alone and depressed in his life. Perhaps a local or traveling sailor will take notice of him and offer to help him out - or at least perk him up a bit!
  3. Captured!: Leilani has managed to get himself captured by humans - perhaps he was betrayed by the sailors taking him to Sanaea, perhaps a local in his new city really dislikes unicorns, or perhaps while traveling Leilani is simply too naive to take precautions. In any event, will he be saved, or will he be enslaved and sent to a lord - perhaps he’ll make friends with one of his captors? Anything is possible!


Envin Yata


Homosexual, submissive.

Cierco Temeri

Grey-asexual, grey-panromantic.


Irynae Rinell


Bi-curious, submissive.

A man-crazy nymph/kitsune hybrid from Datition that’s a prodigy of the assassin catching monk order known as the Moonblades. Forging living, intelligent blades out of a portion of their own soul and moonlight, the Moonblades dedicate their lives to thwarting the attempts of and capturing assassins throughout the world. Although Envin has shown to be exceptionally gifted in his training, he is still wildly unfocused for a monk while in the presence of other males. He focuses his attention exclusively on appeasing the males around him, be they teachers, peers, or otherwise. Generally this is not a problem as it gives him the motivation to carry out whatever task he’s been assigned - that said it can also lead to him trying to bite off more than he can chew and get him into all manner of trouble. In his bid to try to get fellow males to like him (and hopefully date him) Envin has a tendency to alter his personality to match or compliment those around him. This is often put in check by his blade, known as Alowin, who goes out of its way to call him out on his bull. Being a part of his soul, Alowin knows that Envin is not ready for a real relationship and all it entails, and will thwart his efforts to the best of its ability.


Possible Story Ideas

  1. Training: Whether it’s with one of the Moonblade masters, a former assassin, or someone from a whole other fighting style or organization altogether - they have come to give these young apprentices some brand new, personal lessons. If female: How will they handle Envin’s ridiculous lack of interest? If male: How will they handle Envin’s desperate attempts to be “teacher’s pet,” show off, or his overt and frankly pathetic attempt to seduce them? Lots of other options available!
  2. Conflicting Emotions: While wandering around a local city Envin happens upon a male assassin, thief, rogue, bandit, or otherwise do-wronger on a mission, or trying to pull off some nefarious scheme - and not only has he no idea what they’re here for, but he’s taken quite the interest in them! Without even realizing it Envin is thwarting their efforts to carry out their mission, possibly by being a genuine and unwanted nuisance, or possibly because prior to their mission they had offered him some degree of attention and now they just can’t shake him - but Envin has to figure out the truth eventually! What will happen, and how will he react to finding out one of the men of his dreams is actually one of the assassins he’s trained to defeat? Will he carry out his training and stop them? Are they crafty enough to get him to help them? Will he cause them to fail without realizing it? Will they take him in under their thrall? One never does know, does one?

A super intelligent Saephe, a race of sheep/ram kemonomimi that are well known for their relentless magical research and engineering, that happens to be on the run for a new field of magic he discovered. He was born something of a prodigy, having excelled well beyond even the usual brilliance many Saephe seem to possess in areas of applied magics. Cierco focused his abilities on discovering the foundational source of magic, and in the process discovered something amazing that had the potential to change the world forever: Ley Lines. So groundbreaking was this discovery, from just a university student, that Cierco began to experience intense pressure from his people's government and foreign agencies looking to capitalize on its potential. Cierco wanted nothing to do with what his discoveries could unleash - and opted to run rather than let his discoveries fall into the wrong hands. Having heard rumors of the hidden city of Klaidreigh, a place where one goes to hide and where he could conduct his research in anonymity, Cierco is on a quest to locate it before those other organizations locate him!


Possible Story Ideas

  1. Travel Companion: While fleeing his home to find the hidden city of Klaidreigh Cierco happens upon another person on the run. After coming to terms with the thought of trusting them, and figuring there was safety in numbers the two decide to travel together. Along the way they meet all manner of things, from wild animals, to bandits, to the people or things that are on the hunt for each of them!
  2. Study Buddy: Having found Klaidreigh, Cierco manages to find a little hovel in which he can conduct his research on Ley Lines. During personal time Cierco wanders around and explores the city, perhaps finding someone with some interesting research of their own. Eventually the two start to become friends, and perhaps start to help each other in their research. Perhaps his partner isn’t all that they appear? Perhaps they can set off a series of events that really do change the world!

A timid carbuncle of the cloud kith, Irynae’s life has never been necessarily extraordinary. Her mother died shortly after her younger sister was born, and the two girls were raised in a no less loving environment by their single father. The more quiet of the two, Irynae preferred the company of her romantic graphic novels and other (slightly nerdy) activities to others. A loner growing up, it wasn’t until a bit later in school that she met her best friend, a fellow introvert with common interests. While the two of them tended to be picked on, they always took comfort in each other, which made school life much easier. Inevitably Irynae was overshadowed by her younger sister who was blossoming into not only a popular and charismatic individual, but powerful in her elemental abilities as well, and towards the end of her general schooling things began to fall apart between her and her best friend. Now a young adult, Irynae has an uncertain future alone that frightens her more than anything else…


Possible Story Ideas

  1. A New Friend?: Her sister has left school early to go on to bigger and better things, and after a huge fight with her friend Irynae feels completely aimless and alone. Inevitably she meets a stranger at a local shop, a park, or anywhere that happens to also share her interests and chances an interaction with her. Could this be a new friend? Could it lead to romance? Could they just end up using her timid and naive nature? Perhaps they have a path to offer for her in which she can find her way? Who knows!
  2. College: Finally deciding she should go to college, though she’s not sure for what yet, Irynae embarks on her first journey away from home filled with fear and trepidation. Who will she meet? What will she do?
  3. Growing Up: In this option, instead of meeting her canon-friend Irynae meets someone else entirely, and the two grow up together possibly creating an entirely different story from the one here altogether.


Hey!! I have this character (posting ic) that I'd love to play with Cierco! I like the first plot you had because Sven is on the run from assassins and such!

I roleplay on Discord. My user is Todd#8813   If you wanna add me we can start talking and sharing ideas!!

Monue Ooooh, I would really love to do a RP with Leilani!!!! He's just so interesting!!!!!!!

I don't have any fantasy characters, but I would be very down with doing an AU with one of my characters so that they can exist in his world (maybe Pepper? i think he would make a good sailor/lord/etc!)!!! I really love all three of those story ideas you have up omg!!!

My preferred platform is Tumblr, but I'm very flexible!! If you're interested in RPing with me, just let me know what platform you'd like to use and I can try to set something up!!

Thank you so much!!

Helluh! I'd love to set up an rp between Envin and my character Sampson! Story idea #2 sounds particuarily interesting, given Sampson is in fact an assassin. If the roleplay goes on long enough i could see things delving into story idea #1 too~

I usually play over Discord or F-list, and my preffered setting is modern fantasy[basically fantasy with a varying level of modern tech applied to it] or fantasy.

Heyo! If you wanna play with the last idea for Leilani, I have Razor laying around. Honestly, nonchalantly buying a unicorn off some particularly shady-looking people sounds really him and I've been meaning to use him, so....

I can't see it going romantic (mainly cuz Razor's gross but not THAT gross) but, you know... maybe unicorn magic can melt this heart of stone?

I mainly use discord, but I'll do whatever. I'll kinda do whatever setting, but I mainly do a modernish fantasty. My discord is aprofessionaljiangshi#1045 if you wanna hit me up! ^^

I'd be definitely interested in roleplaying with Dayaanidhi with my boy http://toyhou.se/194190.mirael. I don't have much information on his page yet, but if you've any questions, then feel free to ask. I could see your first story idea working with the two of them. 

Or I could use Mirael with Cierco instead, depending on which one you'd think would fit better together. 

My discord is DeadNoize#1589

Monue - Ahhh I would absolutely love to write with you! Most of my character bios are a bit of a mess at the moment since I recently returned to TH and the old CSS doesn't work with the new coding, so I'm going through some revamps, but maybe we can figure something out? Reading through your stuff I think we would mesh pretty well, since I love plotting, worldbuilding, long-term development etc. and have the experience to back it up ♥ I also have a comfort meme here!