LF fantasy roleplay

Posted 4 months, 25 days ago by ChosenUndeaad

Okay, as the tytle says I'm looking for some roleplay partner for a fantasy RP.

I really don't have any specific stuff apart of the act that I would like the roleplay to be more focused on the quest and possibly not involving romance at all (since I'm not looking for partners for my characters at the moment).

NSFW stuff is okay as long as it doesnt' involve sexual intercourse. (Gore is fine in any form as long as you're comfortable with it of course).
Message me if you're interested.

In what setting do you prefer to RP? Modern, or more medieval/past? <:

ElithianFox I usually RP in more medieval/past settings, but I don't mind trying new things

That's perfect! I really love medieval/past settings, and your characters look interest from a quick glance over them! Do you have a Discord or something similar we can talk over? 

ElithianFox I do have a discord! I'll message it to you