birbutt hungers for rps (open, homie)

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 CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Galatier relations/headcanons with Val. The guy is a star, galatier are born from the wishes of dying adds up.


quick rundown of a birb

-am a smol birb
-if you need to put an age to this feather poof, it's 24
-the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42
-is fine with gore, violence, but has never written the sexy times
-likes to chat characters, ideas, plot, genre, and setting
-does a script, to full sentence, to multi paragraphs of rp writing, and usually keeps with good grammar and punctuation

where birb dwells

-their email

things that interests a birb

-urban fantasy settings
-modern settings with realistic themes
-slice of life casual rp, rping casually IC in the comment section
-chats about headcanons and character relationships/development
-building character relationships/development through rps
-some o' dat good horror themes, spoopy stories meh dude
-practice in writing in detail
-how you play out your characters
-being there to help bounce character ideas off of
-alternate universe of any genre

things birb has to be convinced about

-contributing their own arts, which aren't great
-writing the sexy times, which am just inexperienced with
-doing heavy fandom rps

what you do

Message birbutt if you're interested in RPing with one of their characters, want to know about one of their characters, want to just chat, want to ask anything that wasn't covered here, etc.
They don't have to be done of the character featured below.
Or just comment around here, am not too picky 'bout that.

Status: Open
Seeking: Friends or Any?
Genre: Any Fantasy or Slice-of-Life

A mature Collestian with a dark past.

  • Friendly
  • Don't like being touched, but likes to touch
  • Sammy may or may not make appearances in RPs with Valtiel
  • Younger collestians may find a big brother figure in him
Status: Open-ish, in ongoing RP
Seeking: Friends or Rivals mainly, Romance or Enemies may take extra times...
Genre: Any Fantasy or Slice-of-life

A young Collestian with a dislike of humans.

  • Kuudere to a touch of Tsundere
  • Will stomp your feets
  • *blank face*
Status: Open-ish
Seeking: Any
Genre: Horror, Slice-of-Life, Sci-Fi, Modern

A young man is always mute, and sometimes immortal.

  • Speaks in muffled grunts or coughs
  • *hand gestures*
  • Is basically Kenny
Status: Open
Seeking: Roommate?
Genre: Urban Fantasy Slice-of-Life

A young adult who ends up renting an apartment in a small building that is otherwise occupied by war vets.

  • Might be yandere
  • His actual name is Slepnir Stevens
  • c:
  • gayyy
Summer-Gray Sumner
Status: Open
Seeking: Any? Maybe?
Genre: Urban Fantasy?

To be determined, some.

  • Character hasn't been decided, at all, yet.

And Many More

Status: Ask!
Seeking: Who knows?
Genre: Get a feel for the character?

Most if not all of my other characters should be open for RP, so take a look.

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hello! I'm interested in RPing with you! preferably with the character I'm posting as but the other characters in my "primary" folder work too!

anyways I'm into modern fantasy too! (Micah is a novice magic user working at a convenience store ggdgsh) lmk if you're interested!

I could offer this girl for something rp wise? SHE TURNS INTO A CUTE TINY BIRB. I also have others though aha.



will find you birb fren


*la gasp*


I'm interested in rping with one of your characters


i have failed to find birb :c