LF roleplays or oc relationships! (long term plz!)

Posted 3 months, 1 day ago (Edited 2 months, 8 days ago) by Tabtiel

Hello! I have lots of ocs but-they're so lonely! D'x They need companions!

Check out the characters in my profile- http://toyhou.se/Tabtiel/characters/folder:258261 and http://toyhou.se/Tabtiel/characters/folder:261168
Note: I am new to ToyHouse, so most my characters still need updated on here and I am still adding more, mostly working on crediting atm though but will be accepting any rp requests!

Please no super short replies, keep it above 2 sentences preferably

Please be polite, though this rule is not applied to the rp, as your characters can be as mean/rude as possible, idc, as long as they don't kill off my oc(s).

I prefer you be okay with R-rated or 18+ themes(be 18+ for this as well) but if not, just let me know! Preferably ahead of time, especially if you're wanting to rp with some of my more risky or flirty characters so it will be kept pg-13.

I don't care if your character is classy or trashy.

My preferred topics are yaoi-yeah, I'm one of them yaoi-fangirls, sry if you don't like it boo. But I do enjoy hetero and les-bi-honest, yuri is cute too hun.
Honestly, you can throw any scenario idea at me- for real.

Pm me if you're interested! <3 ^.^

SilentObserver Sure! I'd love to ^.^ I'll go ahead and pm you for details about the rp x3