Ship Happens, a interaction-seeking discord server

Posted 2 months, 16 days ago (Edited 2 months, 13 days ago) by ShipHappens

A Discord server for everyone looking to find some character interactions going, called Ship Happens!
While the server name may suggest that it's for finding ships, you can also find things like friendships, enemies, family, co-workers, etc within the server for your character(s).
This server (along with this account) is ran by delquaza and Reigen and modded by Cross, @mkatkannon and DemonicAdversary! We are currently a bit small, but very active and friendly.
It's invite only, so if you'd like to be invited, feel free to post here or pm this account. We most likely will not be opening up membership to the public - sorry, but this is ultimately for the best!
If you would like to know if someone you are uncomfortable with is in the server before joining it, feel free to pm asking. Do not ask here. Only via PM.
This thread was remade for the sake of us being able to reply to notes, instead of them all going directly to delquaza.


  1.  Respect your fellow members. If someone asks you to drop something, drop it.
  2. No r*p*/m*l*st*ti*n/etc jokes. Not allowed in any situation or context. Saying you wish you could joke about it is just as bad, in my eyes.
  3. If something bothers you within the server, please come to a staff member about it! We will try my absolute best to make your stay here pleasant. Even if it's about a admin or mod. If the issue is with a user, please try to provide screenshots and/or the sentence where the conversation started where we can search for it!
  4. Ask before you add someone to this server - preferably via PM. There are some people I would prefer to keep outside of this server due to their unsavory behaviors.
  5. No NSFW outside of the NSFW channels. They're there for a reason, and failing to comply with this 3 times within 3 months will get you banned.
  6. If you are under the age of 18, please do not lie to me just to get the 18+ role. I WILL find out eventually, and I WILL out you for it.
  7. Absolutely NO begging. This includes: begging for art, begging for ships, begging for commissions, etc. That won't fly here.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in punishment - the severity of said punishment will depend on what exactly you did and how many times you've failed to comply before,

So... is this for humans only?  Or are any species allowed to the server to gain relationships??  (I don't have any human characters and that's the main reason why I'm asking).

Sorry for the late reply! The server is not human-exclusive. 

*raises hand* I've severely fallen out of practice with RP and would like to give my characters some more interaction, would it be okay to get an invite?

Hello!! I'd love to be a part of this server ~ 

this seems cool! could i get an invite? 

I would love to get an invite if possible!

Sent invs out to everyone above!