LF: Relationship development rps

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 1 year, 3 months ago) by gaesthetic

I'm looking for roleplays to develop character relationships!

Such as potential romantic relationships, friendships, or maybe even rivalries

Here's my characters that are open for roleplay!
they lack most information on their profiles atm!

so feel free to ask about them!


(i now have more characters, feel free to ask about them!!)

PM me or post on this thread if interested <:

(I will not do 18+ roleplays)

Roleplay genres I like:
Apocalyptic situations (please no zombies)
Casual plots/realistic plots
Feel free to suggest your own ideas <: I'm pretty flexible!


Your OCs are so cute!  I'd love to rp with you if you're interested ^o^



Sorry for being so late to respond ;A; !!
I would love to rp! <3



:o  sweet!!  

do you have a discord so we could discuss the rp a bit more???



sadly i don't have discord ;v;

i debate on it once in awhile, but i feel that i won't end up checking it ack ;;

edit: changed my mind and got a discord uvu



ok then!  ...do you want me to add you ?? :o


@SilentObserver ahhh am interested in the characters you have >w<

Am willing to do some romance, slice of life, action, causual plot, etc. rps ^^

I can't really do M/M rps or F/F rps, ahhh it's not that i am against it, it's just that I am not too comfortable in doing it and don't know how to do it much hehe...

Real interested in rping with your ocs ^^