Hello! Thought I'd make a post since I've begun to flesh out my characters' profiles and such! I'm looking for long-term roleplay partners or an art pal who likes to head cannon stuff! I have many, MANY characters who could use a lot of love.

Please do not touch anyone tagged with PartyX, Mahfrb. or Heca as those are role play groups I am in. Mains and kids are also ones I'm not really looking to role play either.

An example for ocs looking for friends are my furry oc, Klaus and my dainty, Danielle! Other kids who don't have a fixed world they are in are in the floating folder! Most of my ocs are in a fantasy setting!

I'd love to roleplay/make relationships with both cs and non-cs! Just comment/pm me if anyone sticks out to you or if you'd like to ship!

(I don't do nsfw nor hardcore gore/action.)

your ocs are so cool!!  i'd love to rp with u sometime ^o^


Hi do you script roleplay? Sorry I'm not really much of a book person... ^-^;


Of course! If anyone sticks out to you, let me know!


I actually do script roleplay sometimes, but I don't really like to do it since I like getting detailed and into the story if I'm doing a roleplay


Aw okay sorry... :<