Roleplay with me Senpai!

Posted 2 months, 11 days ago (Edited 2 months, 11 days ago) by Oneiromancer

So I decided to give this a shot here as well. c:

I'm looking for roleplays to build possible relationships, develop character and, most importantly, have some good old fun~
I'm pretty open to anything and everything, but here's my RP Comfort Meme thing to give you an idea of whether we'd be compatible!
(Yes, I'm older than 18, so if you want to take RPs down the NSFW road, count me in pal! ... Only if you and the chars are 18+ too, of course.)

Honestly, any character in my main & secondary folder is open for roleplays, but I've only gotten around to (more or less) finishing up the profiles of the four in my main folder.
I'll elaborate on those babies a bit down below, but if someone in my secondary folder catches your interest, I'll be more than happy to tell you about what I had in mind for them. c:

Eden - Down for platonic, enemies, romantic, NSFW relations for him (romance & NSFW only for m/m). Would work best in a fantasy setting of sorts.
Mirabelle - Platonic, enemies, romantic, NSFW relations. Same as Eden, designed for a fantasy settings.
Santino - Platonic, enemies, NSFW relations, actual ("traditional") romance is a very big maybe. If NSFW or romance, only m/m. I usually picture him in a modern setting, but can also easily work with something a bit futuristic.
Sanarel - Platonic and enemies. NSFW & romance would have to happen with a younger version of him (between 18 to 24), since he's in a relationship at his current/actual age. However, I'll happily play him younger to build past relationships and such, as that'd be good development for him and add some realism (however, he is also only m/m, sorry not sorry). He is fandom-based (TES: Skyrim), but I could make him work in a different generic fantasy setting, possibly? (If you're wondering, yes, Santino is actually an AU version of him that I decided  deserves to be his own char.)

I'd like to think that I'm pretty friendly and easy to approach, so if you're interested (or have any questions), feel free to comment here, or message me!
Chances are that I'll be rather quick to take discussions to messages though, I just find them easier to keep track of than forum posts. ;w;
Thank you for your time guys! <3

Eden is gorgeous, my goodness. I'd offer up one of my boys if I thought he might like them, but I don't think any of my fantasy characters are good enough, haha. XD ANYWAYS. I just felt the urge to ogle Eden a bit.