lf: rp, hcs, and pals!

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by sigma_draconis

hi! i’m sascha. i’m 16, i use he/him, and i’m dying to talk about my ocs with people. call 911, or maybe just message me.  

what i’m looking for: i would prefer to rp with someone around my age (15-18 is ideal), but i’ll still consider older/younger partners. i’d also like to be friends with my roleplay partner! i’d love to chat with you ooc about our characters, make up silly headcanons, and just have fun. if you aren’t open to being friends ooc, i’d rather not roleplay with you, sorry!

here is my rp comfort meme. if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

about me: i write in paragraph-format (third person/past tense). disclaimer: i do write with proper grammar and capitalization while roleplaying, just not ooc, lol. i’m unfamiliar with script rp, and i’d rather not do it! please keep in mind that i’m in school, and i do get busy. my messages can be sporadic, but i promise i’m not ignoring you! i may have forgotten to reply — don’t be afraid to give me a poke if i’m not responding to you. my timezone is pst, and i’m most active on weekends, or 5 pm to whenever i pass out on weekdays.

my ocs: my characters available for interaction are here. keep in mind that the ones tagged wip are...well, wips, and i do have additional ocs who aren't posted (ask if you want to hear about that). my main/most used oc is lark, and i adore writing him, so if you have a character you think would hit it off with him please let me know!! i love interactions with him the most :')

(i do not have any feral/anthro characters, sorry! i only do humanoid rp).

extra: if you aren't sure about rping, but you do want to chatter about ocs/maybe hc, that's cool too! i'm looking to make friends in general, so hmu!!

that's about all. thanks for reading and please send me a pm if you're interested! we can go over details then ♡


Hi there! I'm afraid I am above your age group (I'm 23) but I spent years on a forum with role players 13+ so I have no problem with writing with you if you like. :) 

My own RP seeking thread is here: https://toyhou.se/~forums/12.worlds/85609.-open-one-on-one-role-plays-

I like Lark, I have a number of OCs I've been itching to use which don't have to be romantic at all, so let me know if you're interested! 


TheStrayCat hello! i'm sorry it took me so long to respond, but i'd definitely be interested in writing with you. i'd love to hear what you have in mind, so if you'd still like to talk you can go ahead and pm me ^^

 Comfort Meme TheStrayCat

sigma_draconis I don't mind! I do actually have a comfort meme now, too c: 


hi!! idk if this is still open or whatever but um, hi! I read Lark's profile thing and he is really cool :'D I'd be interested in rping or just talking about our characters with you if it's ok :'0


Hello!! :, > I would love to rp with you if possible!


GlitchedStars hey!! yeah, it’s still open (i’m always open to meeting new people haha), and of course that’s okay! message me, let’s talk :D

AngeluvDes it’s definitely possible! pm me and we can discuss details ♡


hello !! im interested in rping/talking w u? im afraid im just below ur age rage by about,, 6 months lol so if ur not comfy w that its totally fine! but otherwise u seem rly cool and id love to chat aa


razamanaz hey!! sorry i took such a long time to to respond to this, but if you're still interested i'd def want to talk to you! the age isn't an issue lol, it's more a guideline than a rule yknow? thanks for checking, though! i totally get if i took too long and you aren't interested anymore but,, if you still want to hmu and we can chat!!

LazyPotato hi, yes! i am still looking, it'd be awesome to talk/rp with you if you'd still like to!


acne hey yeah i’d be down for that!! i rlly like developing characters through rp too, so it’d be super cool to do that with you C: pm me and we can set somethin up + exchange discords if you’d like!


I'm a year older, 19, but id love to rp with you or at least talk about ocs if you'd like!


Hey! I'm 19 but I wouldn't mind being friends with you. I'm all about aus and ships, none of them are canon of course but I enjoy shipping characters. I enjoy talking about ocs while rping too.

If you're interested message me for my discord~