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 RPS and stuff!

Yo! My names hadou, I'm 23 and I'm still lookin' for a few people to set up ships, do some rps or just chat with people about ocs!
I'm a big fan of horror, sci-fi and demons, so you'll notice a few of my characters have at least one of these traits~ I'd LOVE to do something on the darker side, I have a few sphinx characters I've been dying to use (the ones way at the bottom!) I also have some sci-fi kids that I'd love to throw at someone as well.
Shoot me a note or comment if you're interested!! Also feel free to poke me if I went inactive on previous rps, I tend to get anxious about poking people first if I've forgotten to reply.

About Me
EST time zone, ~20 hour work week, college student, anxious, forgetful as all hell but very friendly!

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> inner city ruffian
> pretty dang friendly


[mecha pilot]
> smol scared son
> has a cool robot


> dj, club goer, night owl
> chill as heck


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Hiya! I have a question: Are you only looking for romance RPs? I read up a bit on Fanta and Hymm and imagined an interaction with this bab of mine. https://toyhou.se/2646933.devont-hollowell  It wouldn't develop into romance, so that's why I ask, but he's a grumpy vigilante that honestly needs clingy friends in his life XD if not, I understand! 


are you still looking for a partner? if so I'm interested in talking further if you are ^^ I love long term, literate and detailed role plays. just shoot me a message if you wanna give it a go (:


Not sure if you're still looking for roleplay partners, but I'm very interested! I've been roleplaying since I first got a internet account (DeviantART) in 2016, and I consider myself to be at least a little good. My replies span from 2-5 sentenses, sometimes paragraghs, and its been a very long time since I've done multiple paragraphs.


Sorry for the late replies guys!

ParanoidKitteh Romance is totally not required, friendships and silly antics are actually more fun for me tbh!! I've been /dying/ to do something with Hymn tbh if you're interested in him meeting ya boy!

Dances_in_blood Yea!! I'm unsure how literate you like writing, but these days I'm more of a 2 paragraph kind of person, just because I'm a little busy~ Did you have certain characters you were interested in?

ScribblyOCs7 Yep!! Did you have certain characters you were interested :0c


hadou I usually write a book lol..but for most rp's i do its mostly up to three paragraphs sometimes less depending on the rp itself and what's going on xD and I usually pick a character based apon the rp plot/story.


Awesome! I can PM you my Discord or you can tell me yours ^-^


ParanoidKitteh Oh sure, you can add me~ hadou#2633

Dances_in_blood Oh cool okay!! Do you prefer talking via pm or discord too? 


hadou you can pm me if you'd like ^^