Hiya! The name is lukas, and i'm a sucker for rp's. I've worked with alot of canon character rp's in the past, and i'd love to expand into my oc's and see more character development from them. They're all my children and i love them so much! These here are the ones that seem to show up more, and my muse is heaviest with. https://toyhou.se/CelestialRebellion/characters/folder:241646 . They are sorted into humans, humanoids, demons and all that good stuff! I promise there's more to them than just their pictures, i just haven't had time to set up their backrounds on here. I'd be more than happy to talk to you about them!!! 

https://toyhou.se/1030392.bastian  https://toyhou.se/2355670.sprite    https://toyhou.se/2400792.alistair#8358999   https://toyhou.se/2524652.rowen<<<<<<< These are my newer babs and ones i would love to work with! I'm very open to any suggestions anyone has for the settings or au's of any rp. I love to hear your ideas!

I am new to roleplaying anything smutty/sexual, but i'm trying! Though i prefer it's only if our characters end up working really well together! I tend to play the less dominant, so i'm not that bad at subbing! And i am always willing for NSFW gore and violence! Here's my Rp comfort meme for reference to anything i do/do not like in roleplays and the like! I'll admit it now, i'm a sucker for angsty rp's. Anything from (as i said) violence, to gore, to sometimes testy themes. 

 IMPORTANT!!!: i do tend to play the less dominant characters. I've tried my hand at villainy before and it just never stuck xD I greatly prefer paragraph style rp over script, it just seems more genuine and it is very easy for me to write long responses ^^ 

Here are most of the themes/au's i've worked with in the past. If it has * next to it, then I have a prompt for that theme/au! Though what i'm REALLY looking for within at least one rp, is some gore, angst, torture, etc. You know, that really in depth plot stuff? If you've got some ideas, don't be afraid to shoot me a message! I'd love to hear what you come up with! (ALSO, I've really fallen in love with the Alpha/Omega/Beta roleplays and stories i've seen??? So if you enjoy nsfw type rps, I'd love to try one out with someone!) 

  • -Vampire au (Mostly for my human characters, who can be turned into vamps during the course of the rp if you wish!) 
  • -Human Pet au * (i'd be more than willing to explain it to you!) 
  • -Medieval * 
  • -Circus au 
  • -Asylum au
  • -Freakshow
  • -Alien Abduction (Have a prompt, set up as abductee)
  • -Kidnapping (One of my favorites)
  • -Supernatural creatures (Werewolf, vampire, hunters, demons, you name it)
  • -Superhero au (Imagine something like sky high or other modern superhero things, for example)
  • -Demons/hunters
  • -convict/prison
  • -mutant/monsters
  • -Arranged marriage
  • -Mafia

If you'd like to rp with me or any of my characters, don't be afraid to comment here or contact me! I mostly rp through discord as that platform is easiest to work with (Though you may be able to persuade me elsewhere). And i love trying new ideas, so don't be afraid to throw something at me ^u^


Ryuk dude you're pretty much speaking music to my ears right now xD I can message you my discord if you'd like!


CelestialRebellion That sounds awesome! My username name is Little Bit#9357 but if it doesn't work lemmie know since for some reason a lot of people have trouble adding me :)


CelestialRebellion - I have a few characters that could fit into several of your theme/au's and would like to hear what you'd prefer over the others, message me on Discord so we can talk more? (and not spam the thread) Haptik.Feedback#2913


Hey! I'd be down for roleplaying or even discussing headcanons! Your characters all look really interesting appearance and story-wise and I'd love to just even chat about em! My discord is lemmienoodles#2081