Hey there!

The name is Wonder, and I'm a huntin' for some new frendos!

I'm going to try and open up my hunt for character chatting and plotting partners! I just want to make sure that you're aware there's no roleplaying involved. My inspiration is far too flighty and I feel like I never find time to sit down for it.

I'm mostly looking for new friends to just chat rubbish with, plot characters, maybe headcanon pairings, and do general other stuff! (I guess I'm kinda looking for people to develop characters together with?)

It's easier for me to talk on discord (wonderland#0604), so just let me know if you drop me a friend request. If I don't reply for a couple of days please nudge me. I might not have gotten a notification, or read it and forgotten to reply.

If we're going to make a pairing, or we're going to create a world together, it'll be either new characters, or one of my wips. None of the characters on this account. However I'd love to plot with them, and talk about them. (as a side note, I can do ships with those tagged available, but it'll be more like an AU and I won't get/don't want ship art with the OCs on this account!)

I'm a UK bean, and I work for at least 12 hours a day, so I get approx 2-3 hours (or less) where I might sit down at a computer in free time, so if I haven't replied, that could be why. I spend all my work day on the computer, sometimes using one at home is my least favourite thing to do :')

Roleplay comfort meme still applies!

I don't have any fan characters, besides some gijinkas, though they're all occupied in a plot. I have ferals, humanoids, anthros, etc etc. Many things. Primarily humanoids tho.

I'm comfortable with almost any kind of character! Never NSFW unless I 100% trust and know you well. Sorry! Gore/Death, etc I'm more lax on, but there has to be a pretty good reason for it. Dark, abusive, violent, etc kind of relationships are a general no. I don't like yanderes (mild jealousy I can handle) and I'm happy to talk about them as ocs, but none of my OCs will react/interact/be involved with any of these things positively. It's... kind of a case by case basis, but generally if you want to ship, none of these things make me comfortable or interest me. In other peoples characters though, I'm fine hearing, or learning about them! (as long as they're not massively romanticised!)

I dunno what else there is to say tbf, just drop a note, and chat! If you're a little shy just lemme know you wanna chat and I can start a convo! (the only thing I'm bad at is hunting out conversation ahaha, if I know you wanna chat I'm chill!)

If you have any questions just drop me a note, and I'll happily answer questions! <3

Grazie grazie!!


Akeya - I’m super late but if you’re still interested feel free to drop me a note on discord ! 👌