Looking for roleplay / ships!

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Hey! My name is Leif and my roleplay partners have kinda dwindled over the past year so I'm hoping to meet new people. I've been roleplaying for a very long time.

My writing style is multi-para / novella. Please only contact me if you can send replies of a decent length. However, it is always quality over quantity. I don't mind shorter roleplays with people that have great stories in mind but are down for a more casual experience. We would have to talk about it.

I roleplay on discord exclusively. I usually go for darker themes in my stories and like to include drama / horror / etc. The darker the more interesting. But your casual slice of life or romantic fluff roleplay is fine as well.

These are the characters I am most looking to roleplay as right now: 


But if you see anyone else in my gallery that catches your interest, just ask! all of my characters have longer backstories than the brief blurb on their page. this is just a stylistic choice on my part. Oh, you've also gotta be okay with me getting art of our characters together. Not promising it will happen but I tend to do it a lot. Especially if they are being shipped because otherwise, what is the fun in that!

I'd love if you had one of my characters in mind when you commented but if not thats okay! Please be at least 18, as the thought of roleplaying with anyone younger makes me uncomfortable!

Uhhhh yeah, sorry if this is all over the place. Feel free to comment here or message me if you have any questions or you would like to roleplay! When you comment or message please give me some sort of idea of who you would like to roleplay with, and maybe any ideas that you have. if you just say "im interested" i wont know how to respond lol. I look forward to hearing from you~!  You can also message me on discord: leif#6666



What are common roleplay settings for you?


ceeony I'm adaptable. Most settings are fine with me, depending on the character. 



im absolutely interested in darker roleplays! did any of my characters give you any ideas? 


id prefer 2-3 paragraphs minimum for each reply! things that are too short or without detail lose my interest pretty quickly! 


Hey! I'd be interested, can you add me on discord if you have it? MADyslexia#9802


Heyo! I'm always down for RP if you're up to it!

This would be the character I'm using: https://toyhou.se/3351965.garrett-buttonsow

I can provide decent replies if given things to work with, I've been rping since around 2013-2014.


Im interested in rping with you! I have a lot of undeveloped characters that I'd love to work on, so if any one from any folder interests you just lmk! I also use discord and I reply pretty frequently, usually within the hour/day but you don't have to reply that quickly. It's just a preference for myself!


if your still looking for a partner, I'd be interested ^^ I can write multiple paragraphs and I can be very descriptive if it calls for it, I to am a fan of darker rp plots.

Mordecai Demonte ★ RoseNines

I'm hella down for this 

I've been wanting to roleplay this character for AGES 

And my eyes are on Zakiel there. 👀



literally i am so into so many of these goddamn characters,,,I HAVE SOME IDEAS

Abaddon: okay i just would love to hear more about him he sounds so delightful.  I feel like my boi Maverick would immediately try to mother hen @ him because he can't see a weird kid without immediately needing to mentor them in some way(actually their interactions might depend on Abaddon's age, if he's over like 30 Mav's not gonna be so invested in trying to help him lmao)

Chunen: Needs to come see Ezra whom definitely falls under the category of minor god w/ a fresh cult 

Osirus: He's good at demons but bad at humans.....................Has he ever met a half-demon because I'd love to throw Buddy at him (& also Osamu & zakiel i feel like they're a package deal & buddy could use some demon friends also)(probably this idea is most likely to result in shippy stuff out of all of these,,,)

Dohmalore#6775 on discord!!!


Dohmalore ahh im so glad you liked my characters! those ideas all sound so interesting omg. im most interested in the first one but the other two sounds fun too~! ill add you on discord. /though im on my way to bed soon so i may not be much at replying tonight! 


Ahh you have such cute characters!! I'd love to potentially rp with you- i've got a few ideas for potential rps! i'm a-okay w/ darker themes and i love some drama in rps :') makes things interesting !!

Pepper - I have a demon, Feast, who has a v similar take on food as pepper does- ofc, Feast fell under the category of 'too greedy', and lost his head, never to eat again. it makes him a bit jealous of those demons who can and do enjoy eating- i can see pepper being a target of his- or tbh, the reverse? i have a few potential ideas for meetings, depending. Especially considering his father is a powerful judge of hell - i can see feast wanting to use pepper / father connection to try and get his head back.

Chunen- I have a dragon - wannabe god, Baphomet . I dont have a lot written on him tbh, but he's extra af, and has a strong fear of mortality- though as a dragon, he is essentially already a great being, it is not enough, and the fear of perishing (and being forgotten!!) is strong enough that he has been looking for more. becoming a god is his way to that- and he's the type to take shortcuts. trying to convince chunen he is his god? clearly a good choice for a starting follower. and then trying to form a cult from there. my other idea is that he might b envious of chunen's god-granted immortality- and try and follow him around / convert to his god in order to be blessed himself. Baph isn't... the brightest. 

anyways!! let me know if you are interested. if not, thank you for reading anyways! you can find me at Neon#6689 on discord. 


neondisaster I'll send you a request on discord so we can talk more! I especially am interested in Baphomet but I'd love to discuss both more thoroughly.