Looking for roleplay / ships!

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Hey! My name is Leif and my roleplay partners have kinda dwindled over the past year so I'm hoping to meet new people. I've been roleplaying for a very long time.

My writing style is multi-para / novella. Please only contact me if you can send replies of a decent length. However, it is always quality over quantity. I don't mind shorter roleplays with people that have great stories in mind but are down for a more casual experience. We would have to talk about it.

I roleplay on discord exclusively. I usually go for darker themes in my stories and like to include drama / horror / etc. The darker the more interesting. But your casual slice of life or romantic fluff roleplay is fine as well.

These are the characters I am most looking to roleplay as right now: 


But if you see anyone else in my gallery that catches your interest, just ask! all of my characters have longer backstories than the brief blurb on their page. this is just a stylistic choice on my part. Oh, you've also gotta be okay with me getting art of our characters together. Not promising it will happen but I tend to do it a lot. Especially if they are being shipped because otherwise, what is the fun in that!

I'd love if you had one of my characters in mind when you commented but if not thats okay! Please be at least 18, as the thought of roleplaying with anyone younger makes me uncomfortable!

Uhhhh yeah, sorry if this is all over the place. Feel free to comment here or message me if you have any questions or you would like to roleplay! When you comment or message please give me some sort of idea of who you would like to roleplay with, and maybe any ideas that you have. if you just say "im interested" i wont know how to respond lol. I look forward to hearing from you~!  You can also message me on discord: leif#6666


Hello!! I'm interested in rp-ing with you! I hope it's oke if I added you on discord .c':hope it wasn't weirdI  .Each of your characters is lovely aaaaa!  My dA is M1ssK and discord is the same!   and if you would like I can show you some characters that could have great interactions with yours! I don't have many on TH because I'm still trying to get used to it////But I'll gladly show them all on discord if you wanna c:


oh man
i feel like it'd be really fun to play with alucard
with some kind of wealthy aristocrat with just a tinge of non human blood in him that gives him a very interesting flavor
i'd prolly end up making a new character than using someone i already have for it ((because i dont tend to rp nobles but ugh the dynamic would be so fun)) 


Hello! I've been roleplaying for some time and I'm also interested in darker themes! I've gone through your list and Abaddon really catches my eye. I've got some characters in both the Parallels folder - while most of them are empty on this site, I have been doing heavy roleplays with them! Feel free to DM me if anyone catches your eye, thank you!


Im late and im sorry

Although I do have a few characters that I'd love to RP and explore their potentials, I'm interested in working with the meatsack as of right now. (This is in an AU because N-001 is a part of a story) 

N-001 "Breakfast meat"/Cibum: ( The Novusitus Report does not count for this as this is not in the main AU)

A little about him: Cibum was a deity/god in the Abyss before being turned into this...thing. It was a punishment. He made a human immortal and literally threw him down the Abyss and that's it. The Angelic Orders deemed this unexpectable. (I mean, Meatsack here destroyed the God's creation, that's why the Angels are pissy about it) He was at least humanoid looking with wings before. Covus did try to turn him back though, there's that.

RP idea: I thought of this with chunen in mind. Since he had a lot of awkward encounters with the wrong gods, I think It'd be great for Cibum to be one of them. Cibum is a God in the spotlight of a cult and Chunen thought it was his God which has taken a new form? Cibum maybe knows about the fact Chunen thinks that Cibum is his god, and sorta take advantage of it because he wants attention! ( i mean, breakfast meat with eyes don't get attention often)