Looking for Rp [Closed]

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 8 months, 28 days ago) by Johan

I am looking for a Rp partner, For pretty much as long as they would be willing to RP with me. While I don't know how long individual Rp's would be, I would like to Keep rping for quite a while. I DO NOT do 18+, and will not write it. I write violence and language, but nothing else. 

I am not trying to push any of my characters into a relationship, and would prefer if you didn't try to force it if We  aren't feeling it. 

I am relatively new to RP, so may not give the best, most detailed responses, but will do my best. most responses end up between 2-5 sentences. 

I will DM anyone who replies to this thread, and see if we can work out an RP.

♥ - love
✔- okay
? - maybe?
✖ - no



Discord- ♥

•Main theme•
Humans - ✔
Furries - ♥

Mixed (of the two above) -♥

Aliens and another humanoids - ✔

About a sentence or two, a paragraph at most 90% of the time. I am still relatively new to RPing

•Main Genre•
Historical - ✖
Romance - ✖
Sci-fi - ✔
Fantasy - ✔
Slice of life -✔
Horror - ✖
Western - ✖
Detective - ✖
Paranormal - ?

Original - ♥
Any other fandom - Ask

Not looking for a relation ship with any of my characters. If you want one after a while, ask.
•Mature content•?
Violence - ✔
Uncensored language - ✔


"I'm always down" - Carl Johnson

Seriously though, I'm down to rp if you'd like!


I'd love to rp! I've been wanting to rp my characters for a while and had the same thought-- i am not comfortable writing 18+/nsfw!


Hi! Would you like to rp with me? I, like you, am pretty new to rping, and I don't do 18+. I'm also not particularly into character shipping, and I really enjoy fantasy and science fi. Please let me know if you are interested :)