LF Relations

Posted 24 days, 23 hours ago (Edited 24 days, 22 hours ago) by Helnyxx

Really looking for some relationships for my western boy here:


Boone's looking for friends, enemies, past lovers/friends/enemies, and possibly even a current lover? Really, anything for anyone is open. 

Though, all my characters are currently open for relationships of any type really, Boone is just who I'd really like to find some relations for. If you have any relationships for any of my kiddos that you think would be cool/cute, feel free to comment/message me on here, or I can be found on discord(#Magpie8516)! Looking to mostly headcanon relationships, though if you really want to, we can roleplay them as well. UvU All my kiddos can be found here, with the exceptions of those in the UFT/UFS and Babysitting tabs!


I am interested! Feel free to add me @ Todd#1681 on discord, as I have some ideas for characters I think can work


Todddddd Added!


Hey, I think I have a character in mind that might get along with Boone or Zophree, mind if I send you a friend request?


Bluebelle by all means, sure! :3