LF: Roleplay partners!

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Hi there, I'm Maine!

I'm a literate paragraph roleplayer in search of RP partners for both short and long term playing, as well as people to plot, establish character relationships, and chat about OCs with.
I highly prefer 3rd person, 3-10 paragraphs, and present tense, but I'm also fine with using past tense or writing shorter posts. I'm available throughout the week and reply relatively quickly, very rarely making my partner wait for more than a day.

I can play as female and male characters, and my preferred genres include drama and slice-of-life, to mention a couple. I'm also fine with romance and smut, but only with roleplayers I have gotten to know first.
I'm absolutely NOT comfortable with doing supernatural, medieval, or furry/animal roleplay, or roleplaying with anyone under the age of 16 (make that 21 for anything sexual).

Fandoms and settings I'm most interested to RP in:

-Borderlands (2, P-S, TFTBL)
-Fallout (3, 4, NV)
-Modern (fandomless/original)
-Futuristic dystopia, sci-fi (fandomless/original)

AUs and crossovers are also welcome for some of my characters, but I'd prefer staying within my characters' original settings.

Below are links to my RP directory, preferred characters and my comfort meme! Feel free to hmu here or on on Discord ( Deltach#4690 ), I don't bite ♥


RP Comforts littlefoster

Heyo! I'm down for rp if you'd like! I added you on discord!


p l s send friend req on discord-