lf mxm ships & rp ! (hc/art available)

Posted 1 year, 14 days ago (Edited 1 year, 14 days ago) by jjeongssi

oof i'm back with a new & improved thread y'all 

ok, listen, my characters are single and ready to mingle but i dont wanna make more characters to ship with them because have too many already like yikes--- 

so um i want to ship with you guys bcs y'all have some pretty nice characters out there tbh

i can do rp, hc, ship art of our two or more characters, nsfw art & nsfw rp (only if you're over 18 tho), i'm totally up for anything! let's be friends and make some ships y'all :) 


(i may be picky with the ones i list but if you want a high chance then look through my characters here ! i don't normally store information on my characters here, so if you see someone you like but their bio isn't there then just let me know and i'll send it to you ! ) 

Fukitsu Li (homosexual, looking to ship with MHA / BNHA ocs) 

Youngjin (demisexual, looking for another emo bby for him) 

Taki (pansexual/polyamorous, he's part of my original CS; looking for a incubus / witch / another Plantik or a harem for him. you will receive a free MYO to make a Plantik to ship with him if you wish, with my permission) 

Crescent (homosexual, pls he's looking for a sugar daddy) 

Xenos (no decided sexuality, looking for another sci-fi / futuristic kiddo to warm up his cold heart) 

Illuminaries (raging bisexual, he's my baby,,, i'll only ship him with mer/sea people or a handsome human prince) 

Sharkkan (questioning, looking for another naga / taur to cuddle and affectionately hiss at) 

comment / dm me if you're interested :) 

thank you / 감사합니다 ! 


I am interested, though my stuff isn't as high quality in the art aspect as yours!


Todddddd that really doesn't bother me at all! 'high quality' is just subjective jargon and everyone has different art levels ^^' plus i think that your art is really smooth looking and stylized ;u; 

which of my characters were you interested in shipping with? 


Probably crescent ! I have a selection of two actual daddies that could be his sugar daddy lmao. I have a char named Hobbes and a char named Hyun Ji, though I’m working on Jis profile