lf dnd/fantasy based rp

Posted 8 months, 11 days ago (Edited 8 months, 8 days ago) by Hatchet grimbone

hey y’all! I’m gonna try and keep this condensed for everyone’s sake and especially mine rip

so basically I’m looking to get more stuff hammered out for my boy Hatchet. He exists in an undefined dnd (forgotten realms/5e) setting, but I’m definitely open to different settings, etc, or even doing some more modern AU type rp. specifically I’m looking to flesh out his relationships with other people — friendly, romantic, or otherwise. (that being said he is canonically taken and mostly monogamous but he and I are both very open people LMAO)

I’m still working on setting up his profile and everything, but feel free to ask any questions or whatever about him and his world! 

stuff I’m into;

  •  mythology, prophecies, spirituality etc
  •  found family
  •  enemies to friends (to lovers 👀)
  •  any sort of romantic cheesy fluff honestly
  •  general adventuring ala dnd games, elder scrolls, etc
  •  supernatural stuff! 

stuff I’m not rly into;

  •  horror // with the exception of curse of strahd level thematic horror, or like the movie van helsing lmao
  •  torture
  •  basically any sort of “dark” themes? I like fiction that’s light and fluffy with only mild angst asjfjd 
  •  sci-fi generally but I could be convinced probably???

and some stuff about me!

  •  grim or oakley (/oaks/etc) are both Gucci
  •  I’m 24 so I’m most comfy with 18+
  •  looking mostly for script/hc/ maybe short para (ya boi works a lot and is also planning a wedding so my availability is shrug emoji at best)
  •  feel free to send me a pm or message me on discord! grimbone#0633 

also I haven’t actually rp’d in close to a decade since my time on neopets so I’m a bit rusty pls be gentle HOWEVER I’ve been playing dnd a lot and it’s basically the same???


Hey! I'm interested. I love fanatsy/dnd based rps.

I'll send you a friend request on discord!


Hey! I have a couple of my own dnd characters I'm looking to RP, and I'm familiar with the Forgotten Realms setting/5e! 

I accidentally sent you a request on discord, but I guess that works out! 

I can send you my characters/writing examples in DM!