LF: potential RP partners!

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago by dekuseI

its been 3 months and I've finally decided to get back to it again. Just don't make me regret this decision
I am looking for RP partners that can at least stay active if that makes sense? ;w;

I've had such bad luck looking for any partner as they all just fell from the face of the earth and never really gave me a reason as to why they just ditched.
I'm still p wary but I am willing to try again
Here are my RP info and my Comfort meme
PM me if you're interested qvq
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!
as for the age restriction, for now it would be 16 and over unless you're mature enough to be able to handle NSFW themes and write 2 paragraphs
all info are in the RP info



 Yorick Itchyquilt

Hey I would be interested in an RP! I haven't gotten to play my boy Yorick here (I'm working in revamping his profile atm). He would fit into a more horror type thing if you're up for it! I'm okay with nsfw and dark themes. I'm really open for anything and I don't mind changing some things to make him fit into different AUs. I mainly use discord! You can PM me if you want!


Itchyquilt hecc sorry about the very late response ;; college was on my ass but feel fee to dm me for details qvq