LF RP Partners + OC Relations

Posted 8 months, 10 days ago (Edited 8 months, 4 days ago) by IdleHands

Hi yall! SOO i need some rps for my plentiful gals

- Im 19 so please no minors!

- I got so many gay gals, so if anyone wants a fxf ship i am here for it yaaa

- Discord plzz, PM me for my stuff

- Lit rps r my preference, but any amount of paragraphs works for me yaa

As for the actual rps: - I have a bunch of ocs, and I'd like them to stay in universes that make sense for existence? like im chill with aus but they're not my faveee ( im usually very chill with any thing anyone wants when it comes to worldbuilding tho )

- i have ocs that aren't posted, and all my ocs have more info than is on here. If you see a design you like, I can get you the info!

- I'm cool to ship but the characters need to be compatible. I don't mind NSFW but its not,, everything to me. I like character interaction more yeeee

PM me and i'll shoot over my discord! ouo

Garrett Buttonsow littlefoster

Hey! I'm down for RP! We can discuss it in DMs if you'd like.

I'd be using this character, if that's fine with you.