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I like to put stats on my characters' pages as though they're in a video game, since it's a nice way to express their combat style, strengths, weaknesses, etc.! So, this thread is dedicated to explaining what various things on the stat page mean! Click on the links below if you'd like to learn about something specific:



HP: Hit points, health points, whatever you want to call them, HP stands for stamina. Once a unit runs out of them, they can no longer battle.

SP: Skill points. Once this meter is exhausted, the unit can no longer use special skills.

ATK: Physical attack. Targets opponent's DEF.

DEF: Physical defense.

MAG: Magical attack. Targets opponent's RES.

RES: Magical defense.

ACC: Accuracy. Affects hit rate.

SPD: Speed. Affects evasion.

TEC: Technique. TEC determines whether or not additional effects occur from skills that have said effects. For example, an attack debuff will always work, but a skill that has the potential to inflict an attack debuff will always have a TEC% chance of doing so.

LUCK: Luck effects the likelihood of dealing a critical hit and the likelihood of evading one. Essentially, the formula for inflicting critical damage is Attacker's Luck - Defender's Luck.

MOV: My dream game would be something akin to Fire Emblem or Disgaea, so this stat exists to show how many spaces a unit can move, ranging from 3 to 8.



Resistance on a character's page indicates their ability to resist ailments. The higher their resistance meter is filled, the more able they are to resist the ailment. All ailments wear off within 3-5 turns or when cured. A unit can only be inflicted with one ailment at a time. The ailments are as follows:

Paralyze: Target can't move, use positioning skills, or use melee attacks. SPD reduced to 1.

Poison: Target takes damage equal to 1/8 of their maximum HP every turn.

Solidify: Equivalent to petrification or frozen ailments, just with wider situational range. The target is unable to act or move. SPD is reduced to 1, but DEF and RES are raised by 50%.

Sleep: Target can't act or move, SPD is reduced to 1, and DEF and RES are reduced by 50%. However, the unit will wake up upon being moved or attacked.

Curse: Target takes SP damage equal to 1/10 of their maximum SP every turn.

Fury: Target's ATK & MAG is increased by 100%, but their DEF, RES, and ACC are reduced by 50%. Additionally, the target may deal damage to themself instead.

Seal: Target cannot use special skills.

Dread: Target's ATK & MAG are lowered by 50% and the target may refuse to act.

Charm: The target will use healing and support skills on foes and move toward the inflictor. Playable units will act under the AI's control.

Panic: The target will act randomly under AI control, potentially attacking allies or themself.



Each unit can have two elements, akin to types in Pokemon. Special skills have elements attached to them as well. If a unit resists an element, the attack's effectiveness is halved. If a unit is weak to an element, the attack's effectiveness is doubled. Effectiveness can be viewed in the following chart:


Neutral: Associated with all things neutral and beyond typing. Has no strengths or weaknesses.

Fire: Associated with fire, heat, and explosions.
+ Strong against Metal, Flora, Ice, and Dark.
+ Resists Fire, Flora, Ice, and Light.
- Resisted by Fire, Water, Earth, and Light.
- Weak to Water and Earth.

Water: Associated with water, liquids, and all things aquatic.
+ Strong against Fire, Earth, and Metal.
+ Resists Fire, Water, and Sound.
- Resisted by Water, Flora, Ice, and Beast.
- Weak to Flora, Electric, and Beast.

Earth: Associated with soil, rocks, sand, etc.
+ Strong against Fire, Electric, and Sound.
+ Resists Fire, Electric, and Sound.
- Resisted by Air, Dark, and Physical.
- Weak to Water, Air, Flora, and Ice.

Air: Associated with wind, flight, clouds, and air.
+ Strong against Earth, Mind, and Sound.
+ Resists Earth and Ice.
- Resisted by Metal, Ice, and Physical.
- Weak to Electric and Sound.

Metal: Associated with metal, gems, guns, and robotics.
+ Strong against Flora, Beast, and Physical.
+ Resists Air, Flora, Beast, and Physical.
- Resisted by Electric and Soul.
- Weak to Fire, Water, and Mind.

Flora: Associated with wood, flowers, other plants, and fungi.
+ Strong against Water, Earth, and Light.
+ Resists Water and Light.
- Resisted by Fire, Metal, and Ice.
- Weak to Fire, Metal, Ice, and Dark.

Ice: Associated with ice, snow, and cold.
+ Strong against Earth, Flora, and Physical.
+ Resists Water, Air, Flora, and Beast.
- Resisted by Fire and Air.
- Weak to Fire, Physical, and Sound.

Electric: Associated with thunder, lightning, electricity, and technology.
+ Strong against Water, Air, Dark, and Physical.
+ Resists Metal, Electric, and Dark.
- Resisted by Earth and Electric.
- Weak to Earth and Soul.

Dark: Associated with darkness, shadows, dark arts, and the void.
+ Strong against Flora, Light, and Soul.
+ Resists Earth, Physical, and Soul.
- Resisted by Electric, Beast, and Mind.
- Weak to Fire, Electric, Light, and Mind.

Light: Associated with light, stars, and holiness.
+ Strong against Dark and Soul.
+ Resists Fire, Light, and Soul.
- Resisted by Fire, Flora, and Light.
- Weak to Flora, Dark, and Beast.

Beast: Associated with the traits of monsters and animals; claws, teeth, tails, fins, spines, etc.
+ Strong against Water, Light, and Soul.
+ Resists Water and Dark.
- Resisted by Metal and Ice.
- Weak to Metal, Mind, and Soul.

Mind: Associated with psychic abilities, illusions, and mental prowess.
+ Strong against Metal, Dark, and Beast.
+ Resists Dark and Mind.
- Resisted by Mind, Physical, and Sound.
- Weak to Air, Physical, and Sound.

Physical: Associated with the body, focused on martial arts, wrestling, and other forms of melee combat.
+ Strong against Ice and Mind.
+ Resists Earth, Air, and Mind.
- Resisted by Metal, Dark, and Soul.
- Weak to Metal, Ice, Electric, and Soul.

Sound: Associated with music, instruments, voices, and other sounds.
+ Strong against Air, Ice, and Mind.
+ Resists Mind and Sound.
- Resisted by Water, Earth, and Sound.
- Weak to Water, Earth, and Air.

Soul: Associated with pure magic, the subconscious realm, and soul energy.
+ Strong against Electric, Beast, and Physical.
+ Resists Metal and Physical.
- Resisted by Dark and Light.
- Weak to Dark, Light, and Beast.



Unlike elements, units can have more than two species. Species does not affect normal combat like element, but there are certain skills and items that deal extra damage to certain species. Species may also factor into passive abilities and personal bonuses. The species list is as follows (I might change up the list later though:)

  1. Angelic: Angels and other heavenly entities.
  2. Amorphous: Slimes and other species with easily changed, inconsistent bodies.
  3. Animate: Artificially animated beings such as golems and possessed objects. Often applies to gijinkas of objects as well.
  4. Aquatic: Water-based creatures like fish and merfolk.
  5. Avian: Bird-like creatures like, well, birds. And harpies. A lot of things with wings.
  6. Beast: Animals, some monsters, and beings based on those.
  7. Demonic: Demons and other unholy entities.
  8. Divine: Gods and those blessed with their power. The least common species, needless to say.
  9. Draconic: Dragons and often reptilian creatures.
  10. Elemental: Beings made up of elements, like those made entirely of fire or air.
  11. Fae: Fairies, elves, and similar fantasy species.
  12. Giant: Beings of immense size.
  13. Humanoid: Humans, hybrid humans, and species similar to humans.
  14. Insect: Insects and insect-based creatures.
  15. Plant: Plant and fungi-based entities.
  16. Soul-Based: Soul-based beings like the Tested, familiars, soul elementals, and magically-created entities.
  17. Technological: Robots, androids, cyborgs, living programs, etc.
  18. Undead: Zombies, ghosts, spirits, etc.


A la Fire Emblem Heroes, each unit has a skill that allows them to change the positioning of themself or another unit without moving. The unit cannot act after using a positional skill, nor can they use one after attacking. Positioning skills can be used both on allies and foes. Units under AI control will use positioning skills last; they can't push a unit toward you and then have that unit attack.

Positioning skills are shared from a pool, which contains the following skills:

  1. Capture: Moves unit within 3 spaces to a chosen space adjacent to the user.
  2. Drag: Drags unit within 3 spaces in a cardinal direction next to the user if the path is clear.
  3. Flip: Moves unit to the opposite side of the user.
  4. Gather: Draws units within one space of user adjacent to user.
  5. Leap: Moves user to the opposite side of unit.
  6. Pivot: Moves unit to the left or right of user based on the user's choice.
  7. Pull Back: Pulls unit back one space in the direction they are grabbed from.
  8. Push: Pushes unit three spaces away, stopping if the path is blocked.
  9. Shove: Shoves the user's choice of horizontally or vertically adjacent units outward one space.
  10. Swap: Switches places with unit.
  11. Warp: Teleports unit within 2 spaces to a chosen empty space within 2 spaces.


There are a few more things you'll find on a stats page with explanations too brief to be deserving of their own section!

Passive Ability: Equivalent to Evilities from Disgaea and Personal Skills from Fire Emblem. Each unit has a unique trait: they might eliminate a weakness of their element, gain effectiveness against a certain species, etc. Passive abilities may have special conditions attached: a unit might have to be at low HP to get a boost to their ATK or might need to be next to an ally to get a small boost to all stats.

Personal Weakness: The inverse of passive abilities; personal weaknesses are unique weaknesses to each unit, typically based on their species, likes, dislikes, and/or backstory. This typically involves dealing less damage to an element/species or taking more damage from an element/species.

Friendship Bonus: This theoretical game would involve a Support system a la Fire Emblem where characters who fight alongside of each other gain in-game benefits. Once friendship between two units is maxed out, a unit will grant +5% to a stat to their friend when they're within... 2? 3? Some number of spaces together. Or maybe it's a permanent stat bonus. Until I decide, HP and SP aren't options since granting +5% to those wouldn't help much. Listen, I haven't thought through this theoretical game very well, okay? It's theoretical for a reason!