Brief Oress List

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago (Edited 3 years, 7 months ago) by Isoprene

cannot be noodled to fix spacing since this is rly just a brief copypasted list and ideally i'll have a more fleshed out oress thread someday. i did add colors tho since i was too lazy to make the names their proper text color since the color dropdown here is... not the best

Ilnaine: Powered by faith. Dark red. Capable of summoning beings from any given Reality,  be it just channeling them through the holder's body or just opening up a  portal that a huge-ass dragon comes out of.

Fyel: Powered by anger. Red. Controls fire and heat.

Unzeh: Powered by courage. Vermillion. Allows the user to summon animals, communicate with  animals, control animals, and transform into animals. Transformation  can be total or partial (like giving oneself bear claws or a bat's  echolocation.)

Elmand: Powered by protectiveness. Orange. Allows the user to create and control  barriers of orange light. The size, opacity, etc can be controlled  freely. Also increases the holder's physical durability.

Kinet: Powered by vitality. Marigold. Grants super strength, super speed, etc.; basically super-enhanced reflexes and physical ability.

Atelobe: Powered by anxiety. Pale yellow. Grants the ability to teleport, as well as teleport other beings and objects.

Lirna: Powered by happiness. Yellow. Allows the user to create and control light. Also can create illusions and cause glowing burns.

Thyx: Powered by excitement. Goldenrod. Allows the user to create and control  electricity. Like Fyel and Lirna, it causes special burns that can be  read about in the longer thing that isn't done.

Vixis: Powered by paranoia. Olive. Aside from eye lasers, Vixis grants x-ray vision,  night vision, etc. Users can also see through the eyes of others,  control people's eyes, look at places they're nowhere near, and swap  around people's visions.

Crona: Powered by nostalgia. Chartreuse. Allows the user to control time, at least within the restraints of a given thread's fairness...

Flyri: Powered by benevolence. Lime green. Allows the user to communicate with, create, and control plants.

Sytel: Powered by anticipation. Green. Grants the user psychic abilities such as mind-reading, telepathy, and telekinesis.

Kleigh: Powered by confidence. Mint green. Grants the user the ability to know  everything... except about people, but they can unlock everything about a  person with enough concentration if the person's soul is weaker than  their own.

Cenoir: Powered by friendship. Sea green. Allows the user to possess, communicate with, and control inanimate objects.

Mikimi: Powered by capriciousness. Teal. Allows the user to shapeshift into anything.

Icisa: Powered by focus. Light blue. Allows the user to create and control ice as well as  being able to make things colder or restore them to their original  temperature.

Quasea: Powered by clarity. Blue. Allows the user to create and control water. They  also gain the ability to breathe underwater and survive underwater  pressure changes.

Shan: Powered by hatred. Dark blue. Allows the user to create and control physical  darkness as well as make surroundings darker or return them to their  initial state. They can travel through shadows as well, able to drag  people down with them into a realm of pure darkness.

Onlarue: Powered by introspection. Indigo. Allows the user to travel into the minds and  subconsciousnesses of others, as well as the ability to detect soul  vibes, swap souls, read minds, and view dreams.

Poice: Powered by curiosity. Blue-violet. Allows the user to create and control poisons,  from toxic chemicals to acids. Also grants the user immunity to any form  of poison.

Blizume: Powered by apathy. Slate blue. Grants the user the abilities of intangibility and invisibility (visible only to users of Vixis.)

Neladi: Powered by creativity. Lavender. Grants the user to create and manipulate sound,  including weaponizing sound waves, changing their voice, changing the  voices of others, eliminating all sound, etc.

Lesni: Powered by longing. Purple. Allows the user to control gravity and summon small  stars, meteors, black holes, etc. Space powers, basically. They also  gain the ability to survive in space, including not needing to breathe  and being able to exist under tremendous amounts of pressure.

Maiex: Powered by open-mindedness. Red-violet. Gives the user the ability of stage magic,  but for real! Pulling things out of hats, shooting out deadly playing  cards, making things disappear, etc.

Entria: Powered by love. Pink. Allows the user to manipulate the emotions of others as well as their own emotions.

Ciess: Powered by passion. Web violet. Allows the user to manipulate their own soul  energy, able to create weaponry and other objects out of it to fight  with. For soul-based beings they can also provide healing by giving them  some of their soul energy.

Vitara: Powered by hope. Peach. Grants the ability to heal others, even from the brink of death. The user also heals faster.

Guindet: Powered by, uh, lust apparently. Tan. Allows the user to manipulate their  own body, like giving themselves stretchy limbs or being able to swallow  an Oress.

Arode: Powered by stubbornness. Brown. Allows the user to create and manipulate  earth, from sand and dirt to stones and mountains. Doesn't work on  jewels nor anything that's been refined into metal, glass, etc.

Josmec: Powered by irritation. Gray. Holds the power to nullify other powers - useful  in a world where just about everyone has them. Also allows the user to  "steal" any power used against them or swap around the abilities of  others.

Priste: Powered by vanity. Silver. Allows the user to create and control metal, or  really just like... refined earth, y'know?? Jewels and glass count in  here, basically. All that sparkly stuff.

Aelle: Powered by serenity. White. Allows the user to control air and breathe in any conditions.