LF: Humanoid OCs || O: Animated Art + OCs

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by Ailixa

Looking for HUMANOID OCs
Please either PM me or comment here ! I will make sure to reply to either or. c:

Can do:
  • Humanoids
  • Ferals
  • Gore
  • NSFW

Can TRY to do:
  • Anthros (experimental, may take a bit longer too)

Looking for (in order of importance):
  • HQ art/designs (HQ = stable lines, knowledge of anatomy)
  • CUTE/soft ocs
  • MALE/androgynous
  • HUMANOID ocs (can have feral or anthro form, just has to have human reference/chibi as well)
  • NSFW or SFW  is fine
  • Harujoka fashion (+++), modern (+++), fantasy (+++)
  • MASC female designs (not cutesy)
  • pink, earthy (brown/blue), pastel, etc 
  • CSes
NOT Looking For:
  • Fully feral/fully anthro designs
  • LQ/dollmaker 
  • headshot only/icon only designs
  • cute female designs
  • customs

Art Examples can be found here.

  • Illustrations are the hardest to get me to do. These take a lot of effort and time on my part. Please do not ask for it lightly.
  • Ship art/couple art is the second hardest to offer for. This mainly because of time it takes to make it interact and frame rate times.
  • I connect most with male designs but can click with female designs as well. I am not looking for customs.
  • For reference, please look at my ocs. I especially like designs by Esu, Piannen, dogcoffins, yunyunfox, Linixu, rkzn, Lijon, mion, Keiiyen, and Kageyama to name a few !
  • My to-do list can be found here.
  • If I've traded with you before, I likely feel comfortable to do so again. ~
  • Please note if you cease communication halfway through the trade or after I've contacted you, I will add you to my blacklist.
  • You'll be added to the list below once I've gotten all the required info to start on the art.

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open


Hi I'm interested in art! ;D

MY folders:


UFS folder (art can be offered)

Original HQ Adopt folder (art can be offered)

You can offer on tentative designs in trade folder ✔





(message or ping me if interested)



sorry no one caught my eye ^^”


sorry not interested ^^”


I have adoptables for sale here if they're of any interest to you!

If so, I am willing to make deals, (different payments other than money, etc.) as I'm trying to get rid of these adopts-


not interested, sorry ^^"


I have these kiddos here, and would be happy to take art. I was brought here since you had favored one or two of them c:

Open Adopts: https://toyhou.se/Nitromanga/characters/folder:1020476

Sale: https://toyhou.se/Nitromanga/characters/folder:1020477

Trade: https://toyhou.se/Nitromanga/characters/folder:1020478


Hello! Does anyone here catch your eye? https://toyhou.se/kuropeco/characters/folder:196439



sorry I didn’t see anyone I could use ;;


this guy caught my eye !



I've added a few characters if you're interested in any of these. I noticed one was in your favorites btw. C:

https://toyhou.se/Nitromanga/characters/folder:1020477 , https://toyhou.se/1578722.offer-trade and https://toyhou.se/960998.trade


sorry but I don't think i'd be able to use any of them actively ^^"


no worries just thought I'd offer.