T/R: Cappuchi, Resa, Piffi LF: Art and Customs

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 1 month, 3 days ago) by Lehmurix



Resadoptables https://sta.sh/027hcxzl9d5z


Piffi-sisters http://toyhou.se/528294.silas#1879262 ($50)

Cappuchi https://toyhou.se/327621.skylar-perrie#1355549 ($50)



What I'm looking for in trades:

Click here to see what kind of designs Im interested in!

I may also accept art and customs! However I will be very picky.

(Dont link me to a huge sta.sh of folders, Dont link me to a TH folder with dozens of characters. I made a list of designs Im interested in for a reason.)

Please read my trading rules first before offering, thank you.

** also it's okay AHH i wasn't going to offer just a slot but I was going to offer making it as well! (sorry i wasn't sure if you saw the edited version)

Lehmurix Okie !

Feel free to check out my Toyhouse , even in my mains folder ~ 

I can also offer me as an art slave for the rest of this year , 2000 points on dA ( My dA account is the same name here , please do check out my gallery for the art styles I can do for the art slave ;3 Characters in my gallery in dA can also all be traded ~

Asuna-Hisake Thank you for offering, but I've decided to go with a different offer. o:

Is it okay if I PM you an offer~? > v </

daikon Feel free ;v;/


Cappuchi Thanks for offering babe but Im going to pass. ;;/

>:"0 it's alright thank you for looking <3 I'll just go ahead and edit the comment out~! good luck with your trades!

Anyone here interest you for the 2nd dainty? - http://toyhou.se/Tabtiel/characters/folder:all

Tabtiel No thank you! ;v;/


anything in my th interest u for the daint? I’ve wanted a paj one forever hh