The Freebie Bin 2.0!

Posted 3 years, 23 days ago (Edited 11 months, 20 days ago) by Rufino & Lyle Fvhn
The Freebie Bin 2.0

Founded by Twosecondslighter || Run by Fvhn || In partnership with Isoprene || Welcome Art by 123penguin64

Perhaps you fell in love with that design when you first saw it, but you still haven't found a place for it after months of searching and need to let it go. 

Maybe you designed something years ago that really isn't as great for you as you thought it was. 

Or maybe you just really need to clean out some space in your folders! 

No matter what the case, you want that character moved out to someone who can love them more. 

That's where this thread might come in handy!

Thoughts? Questions? Just want to Chat? Check out The Freebie Bin 2.0 Discussion Board!

Thread Rules to keep in mind: You may not conduct sales or trades in this thread. If you are offering freebies, you may add a link to your trades/sales, but please be discreet about it. Anyone caught reselling or trading characters they received for free will be warned. A second violation will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity. Any person offering free characters has the right to refuse a claim without giving reason. WTA events must have a specified end date, and you must intend on giving away characters. Hosting a WTA event with no intention to gift characters will get you banned. Do not spam the pages with your links. Just be nice guys, it's not that hard!  If you have any concerns, feel free to pm me (Fvhn) and I will take care of the matter privately.

Rufino & Lyle Fvhn

Freebie Bin Rules and Usage: Please Read!

Firstly, if you have any problems, especially with another user, feel free to message me and I will take care of it privately.
I want everyone here to be able to get along and have fun!

Do not RESELL or TRADE a character you got for free! 

Do not tag them with "Trade/Sell".
Do not put them in your trade folder or sale folder.
Don't "forget" you got them for free- make a note in the profile, tag the character with "free", or double check the ownership log before you put them up for trade!

Givers- when sending a freebie via transfer, please make a note that the character was given for free!
(When you transfer, it allows you to add a note)
This way, there will be no confusion about whether or not the character was free.

If you have drawn or purchased art since you got the character, ASK the person you got them from if you can sell or trade them.
If yes, they are only worth the price of the art you added to the character!

(Seriously guys. #1 problem by far. If you do this three times, you're getting banned.)

Please Read Posts Thoroughly Before Claiming!

Keep an eye out for requirements, especially those about pinging/posting in thread/posting on character, etc!

Don't complain - You'll get another shot!
Sometimes all the good stuff gets posted while you're taking a nap. Please keep your complaints to yourself, as it is disrespectful to the person giving the characters. You'll have plenty of chances in the future!
(You can, however, politely, request that the giver try a "WTA" or some other giveaway that is not fcfs. Politely.)

The person giving out the characters can set whatever requirements they please. If they want to put a character up for free, and only people with a donkey as their avatar can claim, then so be it.
If somebody declines your request for a character, they do not have to explain themselves. It's their character to give as they please.

Rufino & Lyle Fvhn

The Mascots!

Meet the Mascots- Rufino and Lyle!!! Created by Twosecondslighter with the help of the Freebie Bin regulars!

Want your art featured here, on the front page? Draw Rufino! Draw Lyle! Draw them both!


Rufino & Lyle Fvhn

Weekly Freebie Raffle!

Currently on hold- check back again soon!

Donations are welcome and can be sent to Gabriel
All characters given through raffle are free and may only be regifted in the future
Raffle winner chosen by random number generator.