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going to be fairly picky so sorry in advance.
putting up kids for offers that don't have solid story ideas for yet

Characters Here
includes: dainties (official and myo), jotaku, unir, denaemoon, ordivirn, etc


looking for:
for dainties:
dainty swaps
crossbreed/regular (low priority) dainty myo slots
possibly customs (dainty or non), but very picky and only if i follow you

for others:
HQ adopts (esp from designers on my good stuff list)
USD only if they have a price in their name
possibly customs (dainty or non), but very picky and only if i follow you
possibly art but not likely on most


3-ways are fine as long as everyone is in the loop.
don't be offended if i don't take your offer. like i said, i'm very picky
i may take a little while to respond so keep that in mind!
please offer fairly. (aka don't offer a <10$ adopt for one worth over 200$)
pm/comments are fine, though i prefer comments.




(might update offer later)


Hello, dear! Does anything on my account interest you for Yue? ♡


StarWisp i'll look at them, but i'm mostly looking to purge a lot of cs since a lot of them don't interest me as much anymore ; w ;)/


Pepper is one of my all time dreamies ;a;

would interest you maybe?


Novarin ooo they’re so pretty! do you mind if i think about it and get back to you in a day or two : w ;


Shyief'i is a dream AAAAH

i could offer these two since you seemed interested in them a while ago


conpa of course, take your time! ;o;


i'm willing to add a MYO slot onto hinatot 's offer!


Oh man, Shyief-i and Queris are both gorgeous! Does anyone below interest you? c:

anyone here


Hi, Would you be willing to trade pepper and oran for both of my dainties that I have for offer?


What a babe,,,

Anyone here interest you?: