[NEW 9/6] - Charas UFS/T - One-Offs, CS +

Posted 9 months, 13 days ago (Edited 1 month, 16 days ago) by coffeebean

.: Chararcters here! :.


Closed Species
Would Prefer to Sell These
Everyone with Extra Art

  • Not really looking for any more characters!  I'm trying to cut down so unless you have any of the CS I'm looking for, chances are I won't take a character offer!

  • I'm mainly looking for art on everyone who isn't in the sell tag!  Please show me samples and let me know what you're willing to offer if any of them interest you.

  • Really interested in MYOs right now.  Looking for bookling, lapifora and milkpup MYOs because I have characters in mind for them!

  • Interested in a few cs, namely leech monsters, milkpups, pacapillars and gastrosnaps!  I doubt there's anything I have that would be worth trading for any of these but I may be able to add art/$$ if you have one you're willing to part with.

  • Paypal only for characters in the sell tag!  You can still offer art if you're interested in them, we're just more open to money offers on those particular beans.

  • If you buy any bean with RLC, I'll throw in a free mini chibi of the character you just purchased or anyone else you'd like!

  • Chickasaw and nimbus are both pretty tentative, so please don't be upset if i turn your offer down!  I've hit a brick wall with both characters and am pretty content hanging onto them and trying to bond again if I can't find any offers that I like.
I can be picky so please forgive me if I turn your offer down ;u;






omg do self pings not work any more .n.

@vowltcollection I didn't see anyone I could use, sorry!

Thanks for looking !


Hello! I would love to exchange art for Chickasaw if you're interested!

Here is my portfolio!

Seeing as you traded a fullbody and two chibis for him, I'd like to make it worth your time by offering a 1-up, so I can do 2 fullbodies and two waist-ups if that's okay? (I have never drawn a chibi in my life otherwise I'd offer that!)

lettiebear thank you for the offer, but i think I'll have to pass ;u;