Syun's T/R, Giveaway & WTAs

Posted 9 months, 10 days ago (Edited 2 days, 2 hours ago) by Syunthia

If you're looking for a trade, do note that I am quite picky, sorry.

You can comment or pm offers!
If yours is more expensive, I'll gladly throw in my arts as extra if you'd like.

For trades, I accept designs, art and vouchers.
Haggling is okay, but please be reasonable!
For designs, do look at this list for reference to what I like~

Free Kids

All gone! Thank you~

Trade or Resell

$10 and below

1299952?1510016511 1299955?15100165001299954?15100164971299953?15100164941294930?15100164891475121?1475115?1250733?15045108991475167?1475182?1475177?1294943?1510016521

$25 and below


Trading only




Willing To Giveaway

No limits to how many you can get, but please only take whom you'd really use!

1299952?1510016511 1299955?15100165001299954?15100164971299953?15100164941294930?1510016489 1294944?1510016515

Write To Adopt

Write what you plan to use them for etc and you'll get them!


NyxiumApril 26

Chibi of Tomo & Galen
Sasha-NaganoMay 18

Half-Body of Mai, Pryniel, Valerie & Yulia
Gory-buttonMay 31

Bust Shot of Pryniel

Traditional Bust Shot of Eos

Half Body of Miyano
KiwithNov 22

Art of Midnight

 Ahh that's wonderful to hear! Yes, I don't mind and good luck with the offer!~ >v< <333

PixieBun I'll let you know if they reply by tomorrow then! Thanks~ c:

PixieBun Sorry for being late at getting back to you! Since the other party didn't reply, would you still be interested in the girl you wanted? c:

Hello!! Yes I am!~ >v< :D

///Although I'm sorry to hear it didn't go well ;;o;

PixieBun Hahaha no worries! Things like this happens from time to time c: maybe they realized they don't have a use for said characters anymore!
I'd like you to draw either or then! (If you draw Miyano, please color her ears wholly white instead of the dual colors seen in the artworks.)

Ahh fair enough!! >v<
ASDFGHJ SO CUTE OMG!! I'd love to darw Miyano~ >w< (Haha, yes, will do! >v<)

Thank you so much!!

PixieBun Sure thingy! I've placed the child in the pending folder <33 (Thankies! ♡)

New character added into trades o/

I'd love to have this guy, would you be willing to trade them for art?

examples here:

or here:

Kiwith your art is gorgeous! Would you be okay with drawing ? You can draw him in either outfits c:

Alright~(such a pretty boii!)

Kiwith okiedokes! I've placed them under pending for you c: